Does Disneyland Still Have Fastpass In 2023?

If you’re wondering whether Disneyland still offers its popular FastPass system for rides in 2023, here’s a quick answer: Yes, Disneyland does still have FastPass, but it has changed significantly from the old paper ticket system to a digital reservation system called Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the current state of FastPass/Disney Genie+ at Disneyland, including a deep dive into how the new system works, which rides are included, how much Genie+ costs, whether MaxPass is still available, and tips to use Genie+ or Lightning Lane to maximize your time at Disneyland.

The Demise of Legacy FastPass at Disneyland

Brief History of How FastPass Worked

Since its introduction in 1999, FastPass has been a popular feature at Disneyland. The system allowed guests to reserve a time slot for popular attractions, reducing their wait times significantly. By inserting their park ticket into a FastPass machine, visitors received a paper ticket indicating a designated return time.

They could then enjoy other attractions in the meantime, returning to the designated ride during their allocated time slot and bypassing the regular line. This innovative feature was a game-changer for park-goers, creating a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Why Did Disneyland Get Rid of Paper FastPass?

In recent years, Disneyland has undergone a digital transformation, aiming to enhance the guest experience and streamline operations. As part of this initiative, the park chose to retire the legacy FastPass system in favor of a more advanced and convenient option called Disney Genie+.

The decision to eliminate paper FastPass was driven by several factors.

One major reason for the change was the desire to reduce environmental impact. The paper FastPass tickets generated a significant amount of waste, contributing to the park’s overall carbon footprint. By transitioning to a digital system, Disneyland could significantly decrease its use of paper and promote a more eco-friendly approach.

Additionally, the legacy FastPass system had its limitations. Guests could only obtain one FastPass at a time, often resulting in long waits for popular attractions. The new Disney Genie+ system, on the other hand, offers the ability to make Lightning Lane selections for multiple attractions throughout the day, providing a more flexible and personalized experience for visitors.

Disney Genie+ also offers a paid upgrade called Individual Lightning Lane Selections, allowing guests to skip the regular line for select attractions for an additional fee. This optional feature gives visitors the opportunity to maximize their time at the park and enjoy more attractions with minimal wait times.

It’s important to note that while paper FastPass tickets are no longer available, Disneyland continues to prioritize guest satisfaction and has introduced new features to enhance the overall park experience.

The transition to Disney Genie+ represents a significant step forward in providing a more efficient and personalized visit to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Overview of New Genie+ and Lightning Lane System

With the ever-evolving technology and the changing needs of park visitors, Disneyland has introduced a new system called Genie+ and Lightning Lane to enhance the overall guest experience. These new features aim to streamline the process of accessing attractions, minimizing wait times, and maximizing the fun!

Let’s take a closer look at what Genie and Lightning Lane are all about.

What is Disney Genie and What Does it Do?

Disney Genie is a digital tool that acts as a personal assistant for park visitors. It helps guests plan their day by providing customized itineraries based on their preferences, such as favorite characters, attractions, and dining options.

Genie takes into account factors like park hours, crowd levels, and wait times to offer optimized plans. It also offers real-time updates and notifications throughout the day, allowing visitors to make the most of their time at Disneyland.

Comparison of Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane

To further enhance the experience, Disneyland has also introduced Genie+ and Lightning Lane. Genie+ is a paid service that allows guests to make Lightning Lane selections for certain attractions throughout the day.

These Lightning Lane selections work similarly to the previous FastPass system, allowing visitors to skip the regular standby lines and enjoy reduced wait times.

Lightning Lane, on the other hand, is a separate service that gives guests the opportunity to purchase individual Lightning Lane access for select high-demand attractions. This option is available to both Genie+ subscribers and non-subscribers, offering flexibility for those who may not want to purchase the full Genie+ service.

It’s important to note that while Genie is available to all park visitors for free, the Genie+ and Lightning Lane services come with an additional cost. The pricing and availability of Lightning Lane access may vary depending on factors like attraction popularity and park capacity.

Is Genie or Genie+ Worth It?

Whether Genie or Genie+ is worth it depends on individual preferences and priorities. For guests who value maximizing their time and minimizing wait times, Genie+ can be a great option. With the ability to make Lightning Lane selections throughout the day, visitors can enjoy more attractions without spending a significant amount of time in queues.

However, it’s worth considering factors such as budget and attraction preferences. Some guests may find that the regular standby lines are manageable and may not see the need to purchase Genie+ or Lightning Lane access.

Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that each park visitor should make based on their own priorities and circumstances.

To stay up to date with the latest information on Disneyland’s Genie+ and Lightning Lane system, be sure to visit the official Disneyland website at

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Genie+ and Lightning Lane

1. Purchase Genie+ Ahead of Time (Optional)

If you want to make the most of your Disneyland experience and skip the regular lines for attractions, you have the option to purchase Genie+. This service allows you to access Lightning Lane, which is essentially the new and improved version of the previous FastPass system.

While Genie+ is an optional add-on, it can greatly enhance your visit by saving you time and allowing you to experience more rides and attractions.

2. Book First Lightning Lane Upon Entering Park

Once you enter the park, the first step is to open the Disneyland app on your smartphone. From there, you can access the Genie+ feature and book your first Lightning Lane selection. Lightning Lane is a virtual queue that allows you to reserve a specific time to ride a popular attraction without waiting in the regular standby line.

The availability of Lightning Lane selections can vary throughout the day, so it’s recommended to book your first selection as early as possible to secure a spot.

3. Redeem Lightning Lane Return

After you have booked your Lightning Lane selection, you will be given a return time. When that time comes, head to the designated Lightning Lane entrance of the attraction. Show your digital ticket on the Disneyland app to the Cast Member, and they will guide you through a separate entrance.

This allows you to bypass the regular line and enjoy a shorter wait time, getting you on the ride faster.

4. Book Another Lightning Lane

Once you have experienced your first Lightning Lane attraction, you can immediately book another Lightning Lane selection using the Disneyland app. This allows you to plan your day efficiently and continue to enjoy the benefits of shorter wait times.

Keep in mind that there may be certain restrictions on how soon you can book another Lightning Lane, so be sure to check the app for any limitations.

Using Genie+ and Lightning Lane can greatly enhance your Disneyland experience by minimizing wait times and maximizing the number of attractions you can enjoy. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your visit to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Maximizing Genie+: Tips & Strategies

Utilize Rope Drop

One effective strategy for maximizing your experience with Genie+ at Disneyland is to utilize rope drop. This refers to arriving at the park early, before it officially opens, and being one of the first guests inside.

By doing so, you can take advantage of shorter wait times for popular attractions and secure FastPasses for your favorite rides right at the start of the day. Not only will you be able to experience more attractions before the park gets crowded, but you’ll also have a better chance of securing FastPasses for highly sought-after rides.

Check Standby Wait Times

Another key tip for maximizing Genie+ is to regularly check the standby wait times for attractions. The Genie+ app provides real-time updates on the wait times, allowing you to make informed decisions about which rides to prioritize.

By choosing attractions with shorter wait times, you can make the most of your day and experience more of what Disneyland has to offer. Plus, you can use the app to see which attractions have the longest wait times and plan your day accordingly.

Use Single Rider Lines

Single rider lines can be a game-changer when it comes to maximizing your time at Disneyland. While these lines are primarily designed for solo guests, they can also be used by smaller groups who don’t mind riding separately.

Single rider lines often have significantly shorter wait times compared to the regular standby lines, allowing you to bypass the crowds and experience more attractions in a shorter amount of time. Keep in mind that using the single rider line may mean sacrificing the opportunity to ride with your entire group, but it can be a worthwhile trade-off if you’re looking to maximize your experience.

Pay Separately for Individual Lightning Lane Rides

Although Genie+ provides access to a wide range of attractions, there may be certain rides that are not included in the package. In these cases, it might be worth considering paying separately for Lightning Lane access to those specific rides.

While this will incur an additional cost, it can be a strategic move if there are must-do attractions you don’t want to miss. By paying separately for individual Lightning Lane rides, you can ensure that you get to experience the rides that matter most to you without relying solely on the Genie+ system.

Genie+ Eligible Attractions at Disneyland

Disneyland has always been known for its innovation in providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for its guests. One of the most popular features that visitors have come to rely on is the FastPass system.

However, with the introduction of the new Genie+ service, there have been some changes to how attractions are accessed at the park.

What is Genie+?

Genie+ is a new paid service introduced by Disneyland that allows guests to access the Lightning Lane, which is essentially a virtual queue system for popular attractions. With Genie+, guests can make reservations for select attractions using the Disneyland app, eliminating the need to physically wait in line for extended periods of time.

Which attractions are eligible for Genie+?

While the full list of Genie+ eligible attractions at Disneyland may vary, it typically includes a wide range of popular rides and experiences. These attractions often include classics like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion, as well as newer additions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

It’s important to note that the availability of Genie+ for specific attractions may change over time, as Disneyland evaluates guest demand and adjusts the offerings accordingly. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the Disneyland app or website for the most up-to-date information on which attractions are eligible for Genie+ during your visit.

How does Genie+ work?

Once you have purchased Genie+ for the day, you can utilize the Lightning Lane feature to make reservations for eligible attractions. Simply open the Disneyland app, select the desired attraction, and choose an available time slot for your reservation.

You can make one reservation at a time and once you have used it, you can make another reservation for a different attraction.

Genie+ also offers the option to purchase individual Lightning Lane access for certain high-demand attractions that are not included in the standard Genie+ offering. These attractions are known as “individual attraction selections” and may include popular rides like Radiator Springs Racers or Indiana Jones Adventure.

These individual attraction selections can be purchased separately and allow you to access the Lightning Lane for a specific attraction without needing a Genie+ reservation.

Is Genie+ worth it?

The value of Genie+ ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities. If you value minimizing wait times and maximizing your experience on popular attractions, Genie+ can be a valuable tool. It allows you to spend less time in line and more time enjoying the magic of Disneyland.

However, it’s important to weigh the cost of Genie+ against the potential benefits. The price of Genie+ varies depending on the day and demand, so it’s worth considering whether the convenience and time-saving benefits outweigh the additional cost for you and your group.

Individual Lightning Lane Rides at Disneyland

When it comes to planning a visit to Disneyland, one of the biggest questions on many visitors’ minds is whether or not the park still offers the popular FastPass service in 2023. However, Disneyland has introduced a new system called Lightning Lane, which has replaced the traditional FastPass service.

This new system provides guests with the opportunity to experience individual rides faster and more conveniently.

How Does Lightning Lane Work?

The Lightning Lane system allows guests to reserve access to select attractions in advance, bypassing the regular standby line. Visitors can make these reservations either through the Disneyland app or at designated Lightning Lane kiosks throughout the park.

Each ride has a specific return time, and guests can only make one reservation at a time, with the ability to book additional reservations once the initial one has been used.

Which Rides Offer Lightning Lane Access?

Disneyland offers a variety of attractions that provide Lightning Lane access. Some of the most popular rides that currently offer this service include:

  • Space Mountain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • The Matterhorn Bobsleds

These are just a few examples, and the list of rides that offer Lightning Lane access may change over time. It’s always a good idea to check the official Disneyland website or app for the most up-to-date information on which attractions are included.

Benefits of Lightning Lane

The Lightning Lane system offers several benefits to visitors. Firstly, it allows guests to maximize their time at the park by reducing wait times for popular attractions. This means more time enjoying the rides and experiences that Disneyland has to offer.

Additionally, Lightning Lane can be a great way to plan your day and ensure that you get to experience all of your favorite attractions without spending hours waiting in line.


To wrap up, Disneyland does still have a version of FastPass available in the form of Genie+ Lightning Lane and individual Lightning Lane selections. However, it works quite differently from the old legacy paper FastPass system.

With smart planning using the tips above, Genie+ and Lightning Lane can help you maximize the most popular Disneyland rides and minimize time stuck waiting in long standby queues. This makes that Disney magic accessible even during peak crowds. Have an awesome trip to Disneyland!

Let us know if you have any other Disneyland questions.

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