Hertz Windshield Replacement Cost: A Detailed Guide

Getting a cracked or chipped windshield repaired or replaced can be costly, especially if you’re renting a car from Hertz. A quick answer: Hertz windshield replacement typically costs between $200-$800 depending on your rental vehicle type, damage level, location and coverage.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about what impacts Hertz windshield replacement cost and how to minimize expenses if you accidentally crack the windshield during your car rental.

Hertz Windshield Replacement Policy Overview

When renting a car from Hertz, it’s important to understand the company’s windshield replacement policy. Hertz takes the safety of its customers seriously and strives to provide a hassle-free experience in case of any windshield damage.

Here is an overview of Hertz’s windshield replacement policy to help you navigate through the process smoothly.

Coverage Included in Rental

When you rent a car from Hertz, the cost of windshield replacement is typically covered under the rental agreement. This means that if your windshield gets damaged due to normal wear and tear or unforeseen circumstances, Hertz will bear the cost of replacing it.

It’s important to note that this coverage may vary depending on the specific rental agreement and the type of vehicle you rent.

If you notice any damage to the windshield before driving off, make sure to inform the Hertz representative immediately. This will ensure that you are not held responsible for any pre-existing damage and that the windshield replacement process can be initiated promptly.

Optional Insurance Coverage Available

Hertz also offers optional insurance coverage that can provide additional protection in case of windshield damage. This coverage, known as the Hertz Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), can help minimize or eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses in case of an accident or damage to the rental car, including the windshield.

Before deciding whether to opt for the additional insurance coverage, it’s important to carefully review your personal auto insurance policy to determine if it offers any coverage for rental vehicles.

Additionally, check with your credit card company, as some credit cards provide rental car insurance coverage as a cardholder benefit.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

If you do not have optional insurance coverage or if the damage to the windshield is not covered by your insurance policy, you may be responsible for the out-of-pocket expenses associated with windshield replacement.

The cost of windshield replacement can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the extent of the damage.

To get an estimate of the windshield replacement cost, you can contact Hertz directly or consult with a reputable auto glass repair shop. It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of windshield replacement can be higher if it involves specialized features such as rain sensors or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Factors that Impact Replacement Cost

When it comes to replacing a windshield, several factors can influence the cost of the replacement. Understanding these factors can help you estimate the potential expenses and make an informed decision. Here are some key factors to consider:

Type of Vehicle You Rented

The type of vehicle you rented plays a significant role in determining the replacement cost. Luxury vehicles and sports cars often have specialized windshields that are more expensive to replace compared to regular sedans or compact cars.

Additionally, the availability of replacement parts for specific vehicle models can also impact the cost. If the windshield for your rental vehicle is rare or not readily available, it may drive up the replacement cost.

Level and Type of Damage

The extent and type of damage to the windshield will also affect the replacement cost. A minor chip or crack can often be repaired, which is generally more cost-effective than a full replacement. However, if the damage is extensive or compromises the structural integrity of the windshield, a replacement may be necessary.

The size, location, and depth of the damage will be considered when determining the cost of the replacement.

Location of Rental

The location where you rented the vehicle can also influence the replacement cost. Different regions or cities may have varying labor rates and material costs. For example, urban areas tend to have higher costs of living, which can translate to higher replacement expenses.

Additionally, if you rented the vehicle in a remote location where specialized services are not readily available, it may increase the overall cost of the replacement.

It is important to note that the above factors are general considerations, and the actual cost may vary depending on the rental company’s policies and specific circumstances. To get an accurate estimate for the replacement cost, it is recommended to contact the rental company directly or consult with a professional windshield replacement service.

Ways to Minimize Windshield Replacement Costs

Decline Hertz Optional Insurance

When renting a car from Hertz, one of the options you may be presented with is the choice to purchase additional insurance coverage. While this may seem like a good idea for protecting yourself in case of any damage, it can significantly increase the cost of windshield replacement.

In most cases, it is more cost-effective to decline this optional insurance and rely on your own insurance coverage.

Use Your Own Insurance

If you have comprehensive coverage on your personal auto insurance policy, it is likely that windshield replacement costs will be covered. Before renting a car from Hertz, it is recommended to review your insurance policy to understand the extent of your coverage.

By using your own insurance, you can avoid additional expenses and potentially save on windshield replacement costs.

Consider Third-Party Insurance

In addition to using your own insurance, another option to minimize windshield replacement costs is to consider third-party insurance providers. There are several companies that offer specialized rental car insurance policies at a lower cost compared to the coverage offered by Hertz.

These policies often include coverage for windshield damage, providing you with an affordable alternative for protecting yourself while keeping costs down.

It is important to note that the specific terms and conditions of insurance coverage may vary depending on the provider and policy. It is recommended to carefully review the details of any insurance policy before making a decision.

Additionally, it can be helpful to compare quotes from different providers to ensure you are getting the best possible coverage at the most affordable price.

By declining Hertz optional insurance, using your own insurance, or considering third-party insurance, you can effectively minimize windshield replacement costs. This not only helps you save money but also allows you to have peace of mind while driving a rental car.


Getting stuck with a hefty bill for accidental Hertz windshield damage can quickly put a damper on your rental experience. By understanding replacement costs factors and insurance options upfront, you can make smart choices to protect yourself financially.

With comprehensive coverage either through Hertz or your own policy, most if not all repair and replacement fees will be covered. This allows you to continue your rental or return the vehicle without breaking the bank over a cracked windshield.

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