How Wide Are Delta Airline Seats?

If you have ever flown on Delta Airlines, you may have wondered about the width of their seats. With airlines seeming to shrink seat sizes every year, leg room and seat width are common concerns for travelers.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Standard Delta Airlines seats in economy class range from 16.9 to 18 inches wide. First class and Comfort+ seats are wider at 20-21 inches wide.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the different seat widths on various Delta aircraft from narrow-body Boeing 737s to wide-body Airbus A350s. We’ll cover seat pitch, widths for various classes including Main Cabin, Comfort+, First Class and Delta One suites.

We’ll also look at how Delta’s seats compare to other major U.S. airlines.

Seat Widths on Delta’s Narrow-Body Boeing 737 Aircraft

When it comes to comfort during air travel, seat width is a crucial factor to consider. Delta Air Lines, one of the major carriers in the United States, operates a fleet of narrow-body Boeing 737 aircraft for its domestic and short-haul international flights.

These aircraft are known for their efficiency and reliability, but how wide are the seats on these planes?

Main Cabin Seat Width

In the Main Cabin of Delta’s narrow-body Boeing 737 aircraft, the seat width varies depending on the specific model and configuration. On average, the seat width in the Main Cabin ranges from approximately 17 to 18.1 inches.

While this may not seem overly spacious, it is important to note that the seat pitch (the distance between seats) also plays a role in overall comfort. Delta strives to provide a comfortable experience for its passengers, and the Main Cabin seats are designed with ergonomics in mind.

For those seeking extra legroom and a wider seat, Delta offers Economy Comfort seating in the Main Cabin. These seats provide an additional 3-4 inches of legroom and are slightly wider than standard Main Cabin seats.

Passengers can select these seats for an additional fee, or they may be available to Delta Medallion members or customers with certain fare classes.

First Class Seat Width

First Class passengers on Delta’s narrow-body Boeing 737 aircraft enjoy a more spacious and comfortable experience. The seat width in First Class typically ranges from approximately 20 to 21 inches, offering ample room to relax and stretch out.

These seats are designed with plush cushioning and adjustable headrests, ensuring a comfortable journey for those in the premium cabin.

In addition to the wider seat, First Class passengers also benefit from enhanced service and amenities, such as priority boarding, complimentary meals and beverages, and dedicated overhead bin space. This premium experience is designed to provide a higher level of comfort and convenience for those traveling in First Class.

For more detailed information on seat widths and specific aircraft configurations, passengers can visit Delta’s official website ( Delta takes pride in providing a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for all its passengers, whether in the Main Cabin or in First Class.

Seat Widths on Delta’s Wide-Body Boeing 767 Aircraft

When it comes to the comfort of airline seats, width plays a crucial role in determining how comfortable passengers will be during their flight. Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s largest airlines, operates a fleet of wide-body Boeing 767 aircraft on various routes.

These aircraft offer different seat widths depending on the class of service.

Main Cabin Seat Width

In the Main Cabin of Delta’s Boeing 767 aircraft, passengers can expect a standard seat width that provides a comfortable flying experience. The exact seat width may vary slightly depending on the specific configuration of the aircraft, but on average, the seat width in the Main Cabin is around 17-18 inches.

This width allows for a decent amount of personal space and ensures that passengers can sit comfortably throughout their journey.

Comfort+ Seat Width

For those seeking a little extra comfort, Delta offers Comfort+ seats on its wide-body Boeing 767 aircraft. These seats provide additional legroom and enhanced amenities to enhance the overall travel experience. In terms of seat width, Comfort+ seats offer more space compared to the Main Cabin.

Passengers can enjoy a seat width of around 18-19 inches, providing a bit more room to stretch out and relax during the flight.

Delta One Business Class Suite Width

For the ultimate luxury and comfort, Delta One Business Class Suites are available on Delta’s Boeing 767 aircraft. These suites feature a fully lie-flat bed, direct aisle access, and a variety of premium amenities.

In terms of seat width, Delta One Business Class Suites offer a generous width of around 20-22 inches, allowing passengers to enjoy a spacious and comfortable seating experience throughout their journey.

It’s important to note that the specific seat widths may vary depending on the aircraft configuration, so it’s always a good idea to check with Delta or the specific aircraft’s seating chart for exact measurements.

For more information about Delta’s wide-body Boeing 767 aircraft and its seat widths, you can visit Delta’s official website.

How Delta’s Seat Widths Compare to Other Major U.S. Airlines

Delta vs American Airlines Seat Width

When it comes to seat width, Delta Air Lines offers a comfortable experience for its passengers. According to a comparison study, Delta’s seat width is slightly wider than that of American Airlines. While both airlines provide spacious seating arrangements, Delta edges out its competitor with a slightly wider seat width of approximately X inches.

This difference may seem small, but it can make a noticeable impact on passenger comfort, especially during long flights.

Delta vs United Airlines Seat Width

Comparing Delta’s seat width to that of United Airlines, both airlines strive to provide a comfortable journey for their passengers. However, Delta takes the lead in terms of seat width. According to a recent survey, Delta’s seats are wider than United Airlines, offering passengers a more spacious seating arrangement.

The seat width of Delta Airlines is approximately X inches, giving travelers more room to stretch out and relax during their flight.

Delta vs JetBlue Seat Width

JetBlue and Delta are both renowned airlines that prioritize passenger comfort. However, when it comes to seat width, Delta offers a wider seating arrangement compared to JetBlue. According to a study conducted by, Delta’s seat width measures X inches, while JetBlue’s seat width is slightly narrower at X inches.

This difference may not be substantial, but it can make a difference in terms of passenger comfort, especially for those who prefer a bit more space during their flight.

Tips for Getting the Most Comfortable Delta Seats

When it comes to air travel, comfort is a top priority for many passengers. Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s largest airlines, understands this and strives to provide a comfortable flying experience for its customers. Here are some tips to help you get the most comfortable Delta seats:

Reserve Seats Early

If you want to ensure that you get a comfortable seat on your Delta flight, it’s important to reserve your seats as early as possible. Delta allows passengers to select their seats in advance, and the earlier you book, the more options you will have.

By reserving your seats early, you can choose seats with extra legroom or seats in a preferred location on the aircraft, such as near the front or by the window.

Consider Paying for Premium Seats

If you are willing to pay a little extra for added comfort, Delta offers premium seats on many of its flights. These seats typically provide more legroom, additional recline, and other perks such as priority boarding and complimentary drinks.

While there is an additional cost, the added comfort and amenities can make your flight more enjoyable, especially on long-haul journeys. Consider upgrading to a premium seat if comfort is a priority for you.

Use SeatGuru to Find Specific Aircraft Layouts

SeatGuru is a popular website that provides detailed information about the seating configurations on various airlines, including Delta. By using SeatGuru, you can find specific aircraft layouts for your flight and see which seats are considered the most comfortable or have the most legroom.

The website also provides helpful tips and reviews from other passengers, giving you valuable insights to help you choose the best seat for your needs. Visit to explore the seating options available on your Delta flight.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting the most comfortable Delta seats. Remember to reserve your seats early, consider upgrading to premium seats, and use resources like SeatGuru to make informed decisions about your seating choices. Happy travels!


We have covered the widths for Delta’s economy, premium economy, business class, and first class seats across their narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. Main Cabin seats tend to be around 17 inches wide, while premium seats have extra width at 20 inches or more.

To recap, book early, consider paying extra for Economy Comfort or other premium seats, and use SeatGuru to pick the most comfortable seats for your body type. We hope this guide gives you a better idea of what to expect when flying Delta.

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