The Lowest Tip Ever Left On Below Deck

Below Deck is a massively popular reality TV show that gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of crew members working on luxury yachts. One of the most dramatic moments each season is when the charter guests leave a tip for the crew.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The lowest tip ever left on Below Deck was $5,000, which was considered hugely insulting given the high demands and stellar service provided by the crew.

In this detailed article, we’ll look at the background on tipping in the yachting industry, some of the factors that go into how much guests tip, the context around the lowest tip in Below Deck history, and why it was so controversial.

Background on Tipping in the Yachting Industry

When it comes to the yachting industry, tipping is not only customary but also an important part of a crew member’s income. Tipping serves as a way for guests to show their appreciation for the exceptional service they receive during their time on board.

It’s not uncommon for crew members to rely heavily on tips to supplement their salaries and make a decent living.

Standard Tip Amounts

The standard tip amount in the yachting industry is typically 10% to 20% of the total charter fee. This can vary depending on the level of service, the size of the yacht, and the satisfaction of the guests.

For example, if a charter costs $100,000, a standard tip of 10% would be $10,000, while a 20% tip would be $20,000. It’s worth noting that some guests may choose to tip more generously if they are particularly satisfied with the service they received.

It’s important to mention that tipping is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged. However, it is considered a social norm in the yachting industry, and guests often feel obliged to leave a tip as a way of showing their gratitude for the crew’s hard work and dedication.

How Tips Get Divided Among the Crew

Once a tip is received, it is usually pooled together and distributed among the crew members. The tip distribution process varies from yacht to yacht, but it is usually fair and transparent. In most cases, the captain and the first officer oversee the distribution, ensuring that each crew member receives an equal share based on their position and level of service.

It’s common for the captain and first officer to receive a larger portion of the tip due to their higher level of responsibility and experience. The remaining crew members, including the stewardesses, deckhands, chefs, and engineers, receive an equal share of the remaining tip amount.

It’s worth mentioning that the tip is not only used to reward the crew members but also to cover some of their expenses, such as food, accommodation, and transportation. Additionally, crew members often use a portion of their tips for professional development, such as attending training courses or obtaining certifications to enhance their skills and advance their careers in the yachting industry.

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Factors That Influence Tip Amounts on Below Deck

Quality of Service and Experience Provided

One of the main factors that influence tip amounts on Below Deck is the quality of service and experience provided by the crew members. Charter guests expect exceptional service and a memorable experience during their time on the yacht.

The crew’s ability to meet and exceed these expectations greatly impacts the tip they receive. The more attentive, knowledgeable, and personable the crew is, the more likely guests are to leave a generous tip.

This includes everything from the quality of the meals and drinks served to the cleanliness and maintenance of the yacht.

Demands and Attitudes of Charter Guests

The demands and attitudes of charter guests also play a significant role in determining tip amounts on Below Deck. Some guests may have high expectations and specific requests, requiring the crew to go above and beyond to fulfill their needs.

On the other hand, some guests may have a more relaxed attitude and be more lenient with their tip. The crew’s ability to handle these different personalities and cater to their specific preferences can impact the tip they receive at the end of the charter.

Size and Luxury Level of the Yacht

The size and luxury level of the yacht itself can also influence tip amounts on Below Deck. Guests who charter larger and more luxurious yachts are often more financially capable and may be more inclined to leave a larger tip.

Additionally, the amenities and features of the yacht, such as a private chef, spa, or water toys, can enhance the overall experience for guests and potentially lead to a higher tip. However, it’s important to note that even on smaller yachts, exceptional service and attention to detail can still result in a generous tip.

Context Around the $5,000 Tip in Below Deck Season 8

Below Deck, the popular reality TV show, often showcases luxurious yacht charters and the experiences of the crew who work tirelessly to meet the demands of their guests. In one particular episode of Season 8, the crew faced a unique challenge when they received the lowest tip ever left on the show, a mere $5,000.

High Demands and Difficult Charter Guests

Throughout the charter, the crew faced high demands and difficult guests who had specific expectations and preferences. From organizing extravagant theme parties to handling last-minute requests, the crew was pushed to their limits.

Despite the challenges, the crew remained professional and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for the guests.

The guests themselves proved to be quite demanding, requiring constant attention and personalized service. They were known to change their minds frequently, making it challenging for the crew to anticipate their needs.

These high-pressure situations tested the crew’s ability to adapt and deliver top-notch service.

Crew Goes Above and Beyond

Despite the low tip, the crew of Below Deck Season 8 demonstrated their commitment to going above and beyond to ensure the guests had an unforgettable experience. They worked long hours, often sacrificing personal time and sleep to fulfill the guests’ requests.

From preparing gourmet meals to creating unique cocktails, the crew showed their dedication to providing exceptional service.

The crew’s professionalism and positive attitude in the face of challenging circumstances were commendable. They remained respectful even when faced with demanding and sometimes disrespectful guests. Their ability to maintain a high level of service and professionalism throughout the charter season showcased their expertise and passion for their work.

Justification for the Low Tip

While the $5,000 tip may seem low compared to the high expectations and demands placed upon the crew, it is important to consider the context. Tipping on Below Deck is discretionary, and the amount often reflects the guests’ perception of the service they received.

It is possible that the guests had different expectations or financial constraints that influenced their tipping decision. Additionally, the guests may have been unaware of the customary tipping practices in the yachting industry.

It is also worth noting that tipping culture can vary depending on the location and the cultural background of the guests.

It is crucial to remember that the tip amount does not necessarily reflect the crew’s performance or the quality of their service. The crew’s dedication and hard work throughout the charter season should be acknowledged and appreciated, regardless of the tip amount received.

Aftermath and Reasons Why the Tip Was So Controversial

The lowest tip ever left on Below Deck left a lasting impact on the crew and sparked a wave of controversy both on and off the show. The aftermath of this incident revealed the deep emotions and concerns felt by the crew members, as well as the debate surrounding the reasons behind such a low tip.

Hurt Morale and Feelings of Underappreciation

The crew members on Below Deck work tirelessly to ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience. They go above and beyond to cater to every need and desire, often sacrificing their own personal time and well-being.

Therefore, when they receive a tip that is significantly lower than expected, it can be disheartening and demoralizing.

The crew members invest not only their time but also their emotions into their work, forming bonds with the guests and striving to exceed their expectations. When a low tip is given, it can make them question their abilities and feel underappreciated for their hard work and dedication.

The impact of a low tip goes beyond just the financial aspect. It affects the crew’s overall morale, which can have a ripple effect on the quality of service provided. A happier crew is more likely to deliver exceptional service, while a crew that feels undervalued may struggle to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Comparisons to Tips on Less Demanding Charters

Another reason why the lowest tip ever left on Below Deck caused such controversy is the stark contrast to the tips received on less demanding charters. Previous episodes have shown guests leaving generous tips that reflect their satisfaction with the experience.

Comparisons can be drawn between the challenging and demanding nature of the charter in question and previous charters where the crew received significantly higher tips. This stark difference in tipping amounts raises questions about the guests’ perception of the crew’s performance and whether they truly valued the level of service provided.

Debate Over Whether Guests Should Have Tipped More

The controversy surrounding the lowest tip ever left on Below Deck also sparked a debate among viewers and fans of the show. Many questioned whether the guests should have tipped more, considering the effort and dedication displayed by the crew.

Some argued that the guests should have taken into account the challenges faced by the crew, such as demanding guests or unforeseen obstacles, and rewarded their hard work accordingly. Others believed that the guests were under no obligation to leave a higher tip and that the amount they chose to give was entirely up to their discretion.

The debate over whether the guests should have tipped more highlights the subjective nature of tipping and the varying expectations and perceptions of both guests and crew members. It also raises broader questions about the tipping culture in the service industry and the factors that influence the amount guests choose to leave.


The $5,000 tip left in Season 8 of Below Deck was insultingly low for the crew who busted their butts and delivered exceptional service under very demanding guests.

While tips are at the guests’ discretion, the outrage from fans and crew stemmed from feeling the sum was drastically disproportionate to the effort and experience provided.

The tip amount continues to be a subject of debate within the Below Deck fandom and a sore point for the crew who lived through that difficult charter.

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