Guide To Midway Airport Smoking Area

The ultimate guide to Midway Airport smoking area. Whether you are a smoker with a long layover or simply curious to know if there are designated smoking areas before your flight, understanding the smoking policies and locations at Midway Airport is key.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide everything you need to know about lighting up at one of the Chicago area’s busiest airports.

If you only have a minute, here’s the one-sentence answer: Midway Airport has 4 enclosed outdoor smoking lounges located after security in Terminals A, B, and C that are open 24/7.

In the following sections, we will cover the specifics of Midway’s smoking rules, where the airport’s smoking lounges are found, what amenities they offer, how long you can stay, if there are options outside of the terminals, smoking policies for airport employees, and tips for getting to the lounges quickly.

Midway Airport’s Smoking Policies and Fines

Smoking Ban Indoors and Outdoors

Midway International Airport has implemented a complete indoor smoking ban across the entire airport property. This policy went into full effect in 2015 to provide travelers and employees with a smoke-free environment.

Smoking or carrying a lit tobacco product is strictly prohibited inside all buildings and enclosed areas, including:

  • Terminals
  • Concourses
  • Restrooms
  • Baggage claim areas
  • Rental car facilities
  • Parking garages

In addition, smoking outside near airport terminals is banned within 25 feet of any doorway, air intake vent, or window. This ensures smoke does not waft back into enclosed spaces.

Punishments for Breaking the Rules

Travelers or employees caught smoking inside the airport or within 25 feet of any building may face civil penalties or fines enforced by the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA). As per city municipal codes:

First offense: $250 fine
Second offense: $500 fine
Third offense: $1,000 fine

Beyond financial penalties, smokers violating the indoor ban may also be ejected from the airport property or denied future access. The CDA does not mess around when it comes to its stringent no-smoking rules!

For more details on Midway’s smoke-free initiative, check the airport’s official website. Compliant travelers can enjoy clear skies and fresh air when jetting through Chicago’s convenient, second airport.

Locations of Smoking Lounges at Midway

Terminal A Smoking Lounge

For travelers who are looking for a designated smoking area at Midway Airport, Terminal A has a dedicated smoking lounge. Located near Gate 5, the smoking lounge provides a comfortable space where passengers can indulge in a cigarette or vape before their flight.

The lounge is equipped with proper ventilation systems to ensure a smoke-free environment outside the designated area.

Terminal B Smoking Lounge

If you find yourself in Terminal B at Midway Airport and in need of a smoking area, you’re in luck. There is a smoking lounge conveniently located near Gate 9. This lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere for smokers where they can enjoy a quick smoke break without having to leave the airport.

The lounge is equipped with comfortable seating and ventilation systems to ensure a pleasant experience for all passengers.

Terminal C Smoking Lounge

Travelers passing through Terminal C at Midway Airport can also find a designated smoking lounge. Located near Gate 14, this lounge provides a haven for smokers who want to enjoy a cigarette or vape before their flight.

The lounge is equipped with comfortable seating, adequate ventilation, and designated smoking areas to ensure the comfort of both smokers and non-smokers.

It’s important to note that smoking is prohibited in all other areas of Midway Airport, including terminals, concourses, and gate areas. The smoking lounges are the only designated areas where smoking is allowed.

These dedicated spaces ensure that non-smoking passengers are not exposed to secondhand smoke and can enjoy a smoke-free environment throughout the airport.

Amenities Offered in the Lounges

While waiting for your flight at Midway Airport, you can relax and unwind in one of the many lounges available. These lounges offer a range of amenities to make your travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Comfortable Seating

One of the main features of the lounges at Midway Airport is the comfortable seating options. Whether you prefer plush armchairs, cozy couches, or ergonomic workstations, you’ll find a seating arrangement that suits your needs.

So sit back, relax, and catch up on your favorite TV shows or movies while you wait for your flight.

Refreshments and Snacks

No need to worry about going hungry while waiting for your flight. The lounges at Midway Airport offer a variety of refreshments and snacks to keep you fueled during your travel. From hot beverages like coffee and tea to cold drinks like soda and juice, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, you can find a selection of snacks, including fresh fruits, sandwiches, and pastries, to satisfy your hunger cravings.

Workstations and Charging Stations

If you need to catch up on work or stay connected during your layover, the lounges at Midway Airport have got you covered. They provide dedicated workstations equipped with high-speed internet access and comfortable seating, allowing you to be productive in a quiet and professional environment.

Furthermore, you’ll find charging stations conveniently located throughout the lounges, so you can keep your devices powered up and ready to go.

Entertainment Options

Boredom is not an option in the lounges at Midway Airport. With a variety of entertainment options available, you can keep yourself entertained while waiting for your flight. Many lounges provide TVs with a wide selection of channels, so you can catch up on the latest news or watch your favorite shows.

Some lounges even offer gaming consoles, allowing you to challenge fellow travelers to a friendly game.

Additional Services

Aside from the amenities mentioned above, some lounges at Midway Airport offer additional services to enhance your travel experience. These may include spa services, massage chairs, showers, and even nap pods for those who need a quick power nap.

Be sure to check with your airline or lounge provider to see what additional services are available.

Time Limits and Access for the Lounges

Hours of Operation

The smoking lounges at Midway Airport are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that passengers who are looking for a designated smoking area can access the lounges at any time during their travels.

Whether it’s an early morning flight or a late-night layover, smokers can find solace in these lounges and enjoy a cigarette before or after their journey. The airport understands the importance of providing a comfortable space for smokers, and the 24-hour access to the lounges reflects their commitment to accommodating all passengers’ needs.

Who Can Access the Lounges

The smoking lounges at Midway Airport are accessible to all passengers who are of legal smoking age. As long as you are 18 years or older, you can enjoy the facilities provided in these designated smoking areas.

It is important to note that these lounges are only for passengers who have already gone through security and are in the secure area of the airport. If you are a smoker and still need to go through security, it is recommended that you do so before entering the lounges to avoid any delays or issues.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that these lounges are not exclusive to any particular airline or class of service. Whether you’re flying economy or first class, you have the same access to these smoking areas.

This is great news for smokers who often feel limited in their options when it comes to finding a place to smoke at airports. Midway Airport recognizes the needs of all its passengers and ensures that everyone can enjoy the same conveniences, regardless of their ticket type or airline preference.

If you’re a smoker and planning to travel through Midway Airport, you can rest assured knowing that there are dedicated smoking lounges available to you. The 24-hour access and inclusive nature of these lounges make them a valuable amenity for smokers passing through the airport.

So next time you find yourself at Midway Airport, take advantage of these smoking areas and enjoy a smoke in a comfortable and designated space.

Smoking Options for Employees and Outside of Terminals

Designated Outdoor Locations for Employees

Midway Airport understands the need for designated smoking areas for its employees. To cater to this, the airport has established designated outdoor locations where employees can smoke during their breaks.

These areas are strategically placed throughout the airport premises to provide convenient access for employees without causing any inconvenience to passengers.

Employees can find these designated smoking areas by referring to the airport’s employee handbook or by reaching out to their supervisors for specific locations. These areas are equipped with proper disposal facilities to ensure cleanliness and maintain a healthy environment for all.

Smoking on Airport Property Beyond Security

If you are a passenger looking for a smoking area beyond the security checkpoints, Midway Airport offers options to cater to your needs. Smoking is not permitted inside the terminals, but there are designated areas outside the terminals where passengers can smoke before or after their flights.

These designated smoking areas are located in close proximity to the terminals, ensuring easy access for passengers. Smoking within the terminals is strictly prohibited due to health and safety regulations, but the airport has taken measures to provide outdoor spaces for smokers to enjoy their cigarettes.

It’s important to note that once you pass through security, you will not be able to access these designated smoking areas. Therefore, if you are a smoker, it is recommended to plan accordingly and utilize the smoking areas before going through security.

If you have any questions or need assistance in locating these smoking areas, don’t hesitate to approach airport staff. They will be more than happy to guide you and ensure your experience at Midway Airport is as pleasant as possible.

Tips for Getting to the Smoking Lounges Quickly

Consult Airport Maps Ahead of Time

To ensure a smooth and efficient journey to the smoking lounges at Midway Airport, it is advisable to consult the airport maps ahead of time. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport, including the locations of the smoking lounges.

This will help you plan your route and avoid any unnecessary detours or confusion. Midway Airport’s official website provides detailed maps that can be accessed easily. Take a few minutes to review the maps before your trip to save time and eliminate stress.

Have Photo ID Ready

When heading to the smoking lounges at Midway Airport, it is important to have your photo identification ready. This is a standard requirement for access to the lounges. Having your ID readily available will help expedite the process and prevent any delays.

In addition, make sure that your ID is valid and not expired. Remember, a valid photo ID is necessary to gain entry to the smoking lounges, so be sure to have it on hand.

Use Free Text Updates for Lounge Access

To make your journey to the smoking lounges at Midway Airport even more convenient, take advantage of the free text updates provided by the airport. By signing up for these updates, you will receive real-time notifications regarding the availability and status of the smoking lounges.

This will allow you to plan your time accordingly and ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to relax and enjoy a smoke before your flight. Sign up for these updates on the official website of Midway Airport.

Midway Airport Smoking Area – Conclusion

As one of the few airports in the US with designated smoking lounges, Midway offers relief for those who need a cigarette during long layovers or pre-flight jitters. By understanding the rules, lounge locations, and amenities ahead of time, you can satisfy nicotine cravings without getting slapped with hefty fines.

Planning your route in advance makes visiting them hassle-free. With TSA wait times varying from day to day, be sure to keep an eye on checkpoint lines when timing your visit.

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