Santa Monica Pier Fireworks 2023: Everything You Need To Know

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the most iconic landmarks in Los Angeles, attracting millions of visitors every year. Around the 4th of July, the pier puts on a spectacular fireworks show that lights up the sky above the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re wondering about plans for the Santa Monica fireworks in 2023, here’s a quick answer: The fireworks are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, July 4, 2023 starting around 9pm. The display typically lasts around 20 minutes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know to fully enjoy Santa Monica’s 4th of July fireworks spectacle next year, including the best viewing spots on or near the pier, insider tips from locals, parking and transportation options to get you there, and more.

Date, Time and Location Details

When is the Fireworks Show?

The Santa Monica Pier Fireworks Show is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and it typically takes place on the Fourth of July. Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss this spectacular display of lights and colors!

What Time Does the Show Start?

The show usually starts around 9:00 PM, just as the sun begins to set and darkness falls over the pier. So, grab a spot early and get ready to be amazed by the dazzling fireworks show that will light up the night sky.

Where are the Fireworks Launched From?

The fireworks are launched from a barge located just off the coast of the Santa Monica Pier. This strategic location allows for a breathtaking view of the fireworks from various vantage points along the beach and the pier itself. It’s truly a sight to behold!

If you’re planning to attend the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks Show, make sure to arrive early to secure a good spot. The pier tends to get crowded as the event draws near, so it’s best to plan ahead. Don’t forget to bring your beach chairs, blankets, and some snacks to make the experience even more enjoyable.

For more information about the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks Show, you can visit the official website here.

Best Viewing Spots on the Pier

The West End of the Pier

When it comes to getting the best view of the Santa Monica Pier fireworks, the west end of the pier is hard to beat. Located near the entrance of the pier, this spot offers a panoramic view of the entire fireworks display.

Whether you choose to stand at the edge of the pier or sit on one of the benches, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the colorful explosions lighting up the night sky. Plus, being closer to the action means you’ll be able to hear the booms and crackles of the fireworks up close, adding an extra level of excitement to the experience.

Pacific Park

If you want to combine the thrill of the fireworks with the excitement of amusement park rides, then Pacific Park is the place to be. As the only amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park offers a unique vantage point for watching the fireworks.

From the top of the Ferris wheel or the swings, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the fireworks as they explode above the pier. The lights and sounds of the rides add to the festive atmosphere, creating a truly memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Hotels on Ocean Avenue

For those who prefer a more relaxed and luxurious viewing experience, the hotels on Ocean Avenue provide an excellent option. Several hotels in the area offer rooms with balconies or rooftop terraces that overlook the Santa Monica Pier.

Imagine sipping a glass of champagne while watching the spectacular fireworks display from the comfort of your own private space. Not only do these hotels offer great views, but they also provide convenient access to the pier, allowing you to easily explore other attractions before and after the fireworks show.

Pro tip: Be sure to book your hotel room well in advance, as these prime viewing spots tend to fill up quickly, especially during popular events like the Santa Monica Pier fireworks.

Other Great Viewing Spots Nearby

While the Santa Monica Pier is undoubtedly one of the best places to catch the mesmerizing fireworks display, there are also several other fantastic viewing spots nearby that offer a different perspective of the show.

Whether you prefer a serene park setting, a sandy beachfront, or a rooftop vantage point, Santa Monica has it all.

Palisades Park

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, head over to Palisades Park. Located along Ocean Avenue, this beautiful park offers stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica coastline.

Grab a blanket, find a cozy spot on the grassy hillside, and get ready to be enchanted by the fireworks lighting up the night sky. The park’s elevated position provides an unobstructed view, making it an ideal spot for families and couples alike.

Santa Monica State Beach

For those who want to combine the excitement of fireworks with a beach experience, Santa Monica State Beach is the place to be. Spread your beach towel on the golden sands, feel the cool ocean breeze, and let the sound of crashing waves accompany the dazzling display.

The beach offers ample space and is easily accessible, making it a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks to enjoy during the show!

Rooftop Bars and Restaurants

If you’re in the mood for a more elevated experience, why not indulge in the luxury of rooftop bars and restaurants that offer breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Pier fireworks? There are several establishments in the area that boast rooftop seating areas, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal or sip on a refreshing cocktail while taking in the vibrant colors and explosive bursts in the night sky.

Treat yourself to a memorable evening and reserve a table in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on this unique viewing experience.

No matter which alternative viewing spot you choose, one thing is for sure – you’ll be treated to an unforgettable fireworks spectacle in the picturesque city of Santa Monica. So gather your loved ones, pick your favorite spot, and get ready to be awe-inspired by the magic in the air!

Insider Tips from Locals

Arrive Early to Claim Your Spot

If you want to have the best view of the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks in 2023, it’s essential to arrive early to claim your spot. Locals know that this popular event attracts a large crowd, so arriving a few hours before the fireworks start will ensure that you have a prime location.

Whether you prefer a spot on the beach or on the pier itself, getting there early guarantees that you won’t miss out on the breathtaking display.

Bring Layers

While Santa Monica enjoys warm weather during the day, the evenings can get quite chilly, especially near the water. That’s why locals recommend bringing layers when attending the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks. A light jacket or sweater will keep you comfortable as the temperature drops.

It’s better to be prepared and have an extra layer on hand than to shiver through the fireworks show.

Pack a Picnic

One of the best ways to enjoy the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks is by packing a picnic. Locals know that there’s nothing better than enjoying delicious food while watching the colorful explosions in the sky. Grab a blanket, bring some snacks, and make it a memorable evening with friends and family.

Plus, having your own food and drinks means you won’t have to wait in long lines or deal with overpriced concessions at the pier.

Parking and Transportation

Parking Garages Nearby

Attending the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks in 2023? Finding a convenient parking spot is essential to enjoy the event without any hassle. Luckily, there are several parking garages located near the pier that offer ample parking space.

One popular option is the Santa Monica Pier Parking Structure located at 1550 Pacific Coast Highway. This multi-level parking garage provides easy access to the pier and is just a short walk away from the fireworks display. Another nearby option is the Lot 1 North Beach located at 2030 Barnard Way.

It offers affordable parking rates and is conveniently located within walking distance of the pier.

For more information about parking garages near the Santa Monica Pier, you can visit the Santa Monica Pier website which provides detailed information including rates, hours, and availability.

Rideshare Services

If you prefer to use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, getting to the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks is a breeze. These popular transportation options provide a convenient and efficient way to travel to and from the event.

Simply open your rideshare app, enter the Santa Monica Pier as your destination, and wait for your driver to arrive. Rideshare services offer the flexibility of dropping you off right at the pier entrance, saving you time and eliminating the need to search for parking.

During major events like the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks, it’s a good idea to book your rideshare in advance to avoid any potential delays or surge pricing. Keep in mind that rideshare availability may be high during this time, so it’s always best to plan ahead.

Public Transportation Options

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to reach the Santa Monica Pier Fireworks, public transportation is a great option. The Los Angeles Metro Expo Line provides easy access to the pier, with the Downtown Santa Monica Station located just a short walk away.

This light rail line connects various parts of the city and offers a convenient way to travel without the hassle of parking.

In addition to the Metro Expo Line, there are several bus routes that serve the Santa Monica area. The Big Blue Bus and the Metro Bus are two popular options that provide easy access to the pier. These buses run frequently and offer a reliable way to reach the event.

For more information about public transportation options and schedules, you can visit the City of Santa Monica Transportation website.


Attending the Santa Monica fireworks show on the Fourth of July is an unforgettable experience. With an iconic setting, exciting pyrotechnics display, and fun, festive atmosphere, it’s no wonder the event draws such massive crowds every year.

By following the viewing, parking and transportation tips in this guide, you’ll be set up for a smooth, enjoyable evening taking in the sights and sounds of Independence Day over the Pacific Ocean. Have a safe and spectacular time at the 2023 fireworks on Santa Monica Pier!

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