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4 reasons to travel solo

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to more places but don’t because you’re afraid of travelling alone then here’s 4 great reason’s to book a flight and commence your journey as a SoloTraveller! 1/ Set your own Itinerary There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a travel buddy/partner that wants to do too much or even worse, too little or someone that wakes up at the crack of dawn when all you want to do is sleep in (especially after a few too many drinks the night before). By travelling solo you get to set the agenda each day depending on how you feel, what type of budget you have and what type of person you’d like to share your adventure with that day. 2/ Meet new friends outside of your current circle Quite often we take the same friends on trips that we see everyday back home which can sometimes be fun but can also lead to good friendships being torn apart (as you get to see the other side of people when sharing a room within such close proximity to each other). The upside is if you step out of your comfort zone and make new friends along the way, you’ll get to keep your old friends back home and add a few new friends from around the globe - this will especially come in handy when you travel to their country as you’ll already know a local!

3/ Great sense of accomplishment The first few days of travelling alone can feel daunting however it also forces you to start making decisions on your own and opening up conversations with complete strangers on a train, in a hostel or at a bar. Before you know it you realise that you’ve just travelled across a country that speaks very little English but somehow you’ve been able to book rooms, negotiate your way around the city (via connecting trains & buses) as well as bargain your way through the local markets. The self supportive life experience that you gain from this will make you wonder what else in life you can achieve now that fear is no longer holding you back.

4/ Reflect on your life It’s unbelievable how many distractions we now have in our life but when you take these away (computers, phones & televisions) and go it alone, you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ve actually got to reflect on your life and the loved ones in it. These moments will help discover the real you and reflect on what you’ve achieved throughout your life so far and what's yet to come.

Hopefully this will give you some encouragement to go solo but if you’re still not comfortable travelling alone then feel free to download SoloTraveller’s App. It instantly connects you with like minded solo travellers across the globe - available now in both Google Play and Apple App stores.

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