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5 Risks a Female Solo Traveler Faces

Women traveling alone have special considerations. This includes travel safety issues. In this day and age, an ever-increasing number of women are traveling alone. There are five major risks that a woman needs to pay attention to when it comes to traveling alone. Ground Transport in a City An area in which a woman traveling alone can be particularly at risk is when she seeks ground transport in a city. This does include all types of ground transport, from taxis to subways. With that noted, there are some options that are safer than others. In the grand scheme of things, the biggest risk to a solo female traveler is the use of taxis or certain other types of ride services. Statistically speaking, women appear to be at greater risk of being victimized in some manner while traveling in a taxi. The risk associated with a taxi and solo female traveler doesn't mean that other forms of ground transport in a particular city do not present a risk to women. Subways and busses can present risks to women, particularly when a women is riding at night. The one plus, however, is that in many instances there are other individuals on a subway or bus that does tend to lessen the risk to a women traveling alone. AirBnB and Hostels Not every woman who takes off on a trip has the financial wherewithal to stay in a pricy hotel. Therefore, a female traveling by herself may consider lodging options that include AirBnB and hostels. If a woman is contemplating these types of lodging, she does need to be aware of some of the inherent risks associated with these types of accommodations. A woman traveling alone should give serious consideration to the decision to use AirBnB or stay at hostels while on a trip. Yes, a woman can save some money by staying at one or another of these types of lodging. However, a woman traveling alone may face greater dangers at one or another of these types of lodging. Bars, Taverns, and Nightclubs When traveling, many men and women alike may be interested in spending some time at a local bar, tavern, or nightclub. Going to these types of venues alone can pose at least some risk to a woman traveling alone. First of all, when a woman travels to a particular city, she really may not understand the night scene, including the ins and outs specific bars or nightclubs. A woman should give serious thought to not going to a bar, tavern, or nightclub alone when traveling. One exception is a bar in a decent hotel in which a woman might be staying while traveling. Car Rental Lots A woman traveling alone may need to rent a car. Indeed, that is a fairly common reality of traveling in this day and age. When a woman needs to rent a car, she needs to take care when she ventures onto the lot to select or pick up her assigned vehicle. This is particularly the case when a woman traveling alone must retrieve an automobile from a rental car parking lot at night. Cash for Emergencies Another area in which a female traveling alone can end up at risk is when she has some sort of emergency and does not have cash for emergencies. Of course, the same peril presents itself to make solo travelers as well. Having at least some readily accessible cash can be particularly important if a woman is traveling alone in a foreign country. A woman doesn't want to broadcast the fact that she is carrying cash. She will want to keep it stowed in an inconspicuous place on her person. Keeping People Informed When a woman travels alone, she really does need to make it a point to let other people generally know the specifics about where she is at any given moment in time. For example, she should let another person know when she is a the hotel. This includes giving someone a thumbs up when she is going out for a meal or to do some sightseeing. This can be accomplished fairly easily by sending a text to someone who knows the woman is traveling. Part of the notification process needs to include a communication to the person being informed about a solo woman's activities when she returns back to the hotel at which she is staying. In other words, different "follow up" milestones should be established between the solo female traveler and the person she is keeping abreast of her activities. Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for, where you can get personal checks and business checks.

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