Everything You Need To Know About Single Rider Lines At Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re headed to Universal Studios Hollywood and don’t have a large group or want to get on rides faster, single rider lines allow you to bypass regular queues and fill odd-numbered spaces. This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know to take advantage of single rider lines for a smooth, speedy Universal Studios experience.

Here’s the quick answer: Single rider lines can cut your wait time significantly on popular Universal rides like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Jurassic World, and more. Though you won’t ride with your group, the faster access makes them worthwhile for solo visitors or pairs.

Read on for full details on policies, tips, restrictions, and how to find each single rider line.

Which Rides Have Single Rider Lines at Universal Studios Hollywood

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

One of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood is the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. Luckily, this ride offers a Single Rider Line option, allowing guests to bypass the regular queue and experience the magic of Hogwarts in a shorter amount of time.

By choosing the Single Rider Line, guests may be separated from their party, but they can still enjoy the same thrilling ride.

Jurassic World – The Ride

If you’re a fan of dinosaurs and thrilling water rides, then Jurassic World – The Ride is a must-visit. This exciting attraction also offers a Single Rider Line, giving guests the opportunity to skip the regular line and hop on board faster.

It’s a great way to experience the heart-pounding adventure of Jurassic World without the long wait times.

The Simpsons Ride

Step into the world of The Simpsons at Universal Studios Hollywood and embark on a hilarious virtual reality adventure. The Simpsons Ride is another attraction that offers a Single Rider Line, allowing guests to bypass the regular queue and enjoy the ride more quickly.

It’s a fantastic option for those who don’t mind being separated from their group momentarily.

Revenge of the Mummy

For those seeking an exhilarating indoor roller coaster experience, Revenge of the Mummy is not to be missed. This thrilling ride also features a Single Rider Line, providing guests with a faster way to get on board.

By choosing the Single Rider Line, guests can experience the adrenaline rush of this dark and mysterious coaster without the usual wait.


In addition to the aforementioned rides, Universal Studios Hollywood offers Single Rider Lines for several other attractions as well. These include Transformers: The Ride 3D, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and The Walking Dead Attraction.

These Single Rider Lines are perfect for solo travelers or those looking to experience the rides more quickly.

For more information about the rides and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can visit their official website https://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/.

Single Rider Line Wait Times vs Standby/Express

When visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, one of the common concerns is how long you’ll have to wait in line for your favorite attractions. Fortunately, Universal Studios offers a solution for those looking to save time – the Single Rider Line.

Let’s take a closer look at how the wait times in the Single Rider Line compare to the standby and express lines.

Standby Line Wait Times

The standby line is the regular line that most visitors use to access the attractions. The wait times in the standby line can vary depending on the popularity of the ride, the time of day, and the day of the week.

During peak hours and busy seasons, you can expect longer wait times, sometimes up to an hour or more for the most popular rides. However, during slower times, the wait times can be significantly shorter.

Express Line Wait Times

The Express Line is a separate line that allows guests to bypass the regular standby line and enjoy shorter wait times. However, the Express Line access is not included with the regular park admission and requires an additional fee.

The wait times in the Express Line are generally shorter than the standby line, but they can still vary depending on the popularity of the ride and the number of guests using the Express Line.

Single Rider Line Wait Times

The Single Rider Line is a great option for those who don’t mind riding alone or being separated from their group temporarily. The wait times in the Single Rider Line are often significantly shorter compared to the standby and express lines.

Because single riders can fill in empty seats on rides, they can be accommodated more quickly, allowing them to bypass much of the regular line wait. As a result, single riders often experience shorter wait times and can enjoy more rides in a shorter amount of time.

Standby Line Express Line Single Rider Line
Wait Times Varies (up to an hour or more during peak times) Shorter than standby line Significantly shorter than standby and express lines
Price Included with park admission Additional fee required Included with park admission
Group Accommodation Can ride together Can ride together Riders may be separated temporarily

Keep in mind that the wait times can still vary depending on the specific ride and the day you visit. It’s always a good idea to check the official Universal Studios Hollywood website for the most up-to-date information on wait times and any changes to their single rider policies.

Policies and Restrictions for Single Rider Lines

Minimum Height Requirements

Single Rider Lines at Universal Studios Hollywood have certain policies and restrictions in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. One of the main considerations is the minimum height requirement for certain rides.

These requirements are put in place to ensure that riders meet the necessary physical criteria to safely experience the attractions. It’s important to note that these height restrictions are determined by the ride manufacturer and are non-negotiable.

Each ride will have a clearly posted minimum height requirement, and guests must meet or exceed this requirement to utilize the Single Rider Line.

Loose Article Policies

Another important policy to be aware of when using the Single Rider Line is the restriction on loose articles. Loose articles can include items such as backpacks, bags, hats, and sunglasses. Due to safety concerns, riders are typically not allowed to bring these items on the ride with them.

Universal Studios Hollywood provides designated lockers or storage areas near the attraction entrance where guests can securely store their belongings before entering the Single Rider Line. It’s important to plan ahead and be prepared to temporarily store any loose articles before enjoying the ride.

No Express or Front of Line Access

While the Single Rider Line offers a great opportunity to experience popular attractions with a shorter wait time, it’s important to note that it does not provide express or front of line access. Guests utilizing the Single Rider Line will still have to wait their turn, just like guests in the regular standby line.

The difference is that Single Rider Line guests are filling in empty seats or gaps in the ride vehicles, which helps to maximize the capacity of each attraction. So while you may not have to wait as long as those in the regular line, it’s not a shortcut to the front of the line.

For more detailed information on Universal Studios Hollywood’s policies and restrictions for the Single Rider Line, you can visit Universal Studios Hollywood’s official website.

Tips for Using Single Rider Lines at Universal Studios

Go at Less Busy Times

If you want to make the most of the single rider lines at Universal Studios Hollywood, it’s important to plan your visit during less busy times. Weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, tend to have lower crowds compared to weekends.

Additionally, visiting during off-peak seasons or avoiding major holidays can also help you avoid long wait times. By strategically planning your visit, you can take full advantage of the single rider lines and experience more attractions in less time.

Be Prepared to Split Your Group

One thing to keep in mind when utilizing single rider lines is that you may be split up from your group. These lines are designed to fill empty seats in attractions, so it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of riding separately. However, don’t worry!

You’ll still get to enjoy the same thrilling experience, and you can reunite with your group once the ride is over. So, if you’re comfortable with riding alone or don’t mind being temporarily separated, the single rider lines can be a great option for you.

Have Your Park Ticket Ready

When using the single rider lines, it’s essential to have your park ticket ready. This will help facilitate a smooth and efficient process. Make sure to keep your ticket easily accessible, whether it’s a physical ticket or a digital one on your smartphone.

Having your ticket ready will save time and ensure that you can quickly enter the single rider line when you reach the attraction. Remember, every second counts when it comes to minimizing wait times and maximizing your fun at Universal Studios Hollywood!

How to Find the Single Rider Entrances at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood offers a convenient option for visitors who are looking to maximize their time and experience more attractions – the Single Rider Line. This alternative line allows individuals to bypass the regular queue and join a separate line specifically designed for filling empty seats on rides.

Here’s how you can locate these entrances and make the most of your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Research and Plan Ahead

Before your visit, it’s essential to do some research and familiarize yourself with the layout of Universal Studios Hollywood. Look for information on which attractions offer Single Rider Lines and where their entrances are located.

The official Universal Studios Hollywood website and online forums can be valuable resources for finding this information.

Ask a Team Member

Once you arrive at the park, don’t hesitate to ask a friendly team member for directions to the Single Rider Line entrances. They are there to assist you and can provide you with accurate information about which rides offer this option and where to find the entrances.

Look for Signage

Universal Studios Hollywood has clear signage indicating the location of the Single Rider Line entrances. Keep an eye out for signs that say “Single Rider” or “Single Riders Entrance.” These signs are typically placed near the main entrance of the attraction or along the regular queue line.

Compare Wait Times

While the Single Rider Line can be a fantastic time-saving option, it’s essential to consider the wait times. Sometimes, the regular queue line may move faster than the Single Rider Line, especially during off-peak times.

Keep an eye on the posted wait times and compare them to make an informed decision.

Enjoy the Benefits

Utilizing the Single Rider Line can provide you with several benefits. You’ll likely experience shorter wait times, especially for popular attractions. Additionally, if you’re visiting with a group of friends or family, don’t worry about being separated.

While you may not be seated together on the ride, you’ll be able to enjoy the same thrilling experience and share your excitement afterward.

Remember, the availability of Single Rider Lines may vary throughout the day and can be subject to closure or limited availability depending on crowd levels. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the Universal Studios Hollywood website or ask a team member for the most up-to-date information.

So, don’t forget to take advantage of the Single Rider Line entrances at Universal Studios Hollywood and make the most of your visit!


Single rider queues are a prime way to maximize your time and rides on a Universal Studios Hollywood visit. By allowing you to skip long standby lines when you’re riding solo or in a pair, they make racing between top Universal attractions far more possible.

Just be aware of the tradeoffs with not riding together and plans if you get split up.

We hope this guide gives you everything needed to take advantage of single rider policies for an efficient, smoother trip to Universal. Have fun storming the castle at Hogwarts, escaping raptors on the Jurassic World river adventure, and beyond with shorter single rider wait times!

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