How Much Trunk Space Do Smart Cars Have?

If you’re considering buying a smart car, you may be wondering just how much cargo room that tiny vehicle actually has. With their compact size and maneuverability, smart cars are ideal for zipping around urban areas and squeezing into tight parking spaces.

But can they really haul much luggage or gear?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Smart cars have around 9.2 cubic feet of trunk space when the rear seats are upright. That’s enough room for several suitcases or a week’s worth of groceries.

When the rear seats are folded down, total cargo capacity increases to around 16.4 cubic feet.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at smart car trunk and storage specs. You’ll find details on cargo volume with rear seats up and folded down, how smart cars compare to other small vehicles, whether you can haul bulky items, and expert packing tips to make the most of your available trunk space.

Cargo Volume and Dimensions

One common concern for potential Smart car owners is the amount of trunk space these compact vehicles offer. While Smart cars are known for their small size, they are surprisingly efficient when it comes to cargo capacity. Let’s take a closer look at the trunk capacity and dimensions of Smart cars.

Trunk Capacity with Rear Seats Upright

With the rear seats upright, Smart cars typically offer around X cubic feet of trunk space. This may not seem like much compared to larger vehicles, but it’s important to remember that Smart cars are designed for urban commuting and not necessarily for hauling large amounts of cargo.

However, this trunk capacity is still sufficient for day-to-day needs such as groceries, backpacks, and smaller luggage.

Trunk Capacity with Rear Seats Folded Down

If you need additional cargo space, Smart cars are equipped with a convenient feature that allows you to fold down the rear seats. This instantly expands the trunk capacity to around X cubic feet, providing ample room for larger items or when you need to transport more belongings.

It’s a versatile solution that allows you to optimize the available space based on your specific needs.

Comparison to Other Small Cars

When comparing Smart cars to other small cars in terms of trunk space, it’s worth noting that they are designed with efficiency and compactness in mind. While some small cars may offer slightly larger trunk capacities, they may not have the same level of agility and maneuverability as Smart cars.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a Smart car should be based on your individual priorities and lifestyle.

For more information on Smart car trunk space and dimensions, you can visit They provide detailed specifications and additional insights into the capabilities of Smart cars.

Can You Fit Large, Bulky Items?

One common concern for potential smart car owners is whether they can fit large, bulky items in the trunk. Smart cars are known for their compact size, so it’s natural to wonder if they can accommodate larger items.

Width and Height Limitations

Smart cars have limited trunk space due to their small size. The width of the trunk may pose a challenge when it comes to fitting wide items. However, the height limitation is often more restrictive. Smart cars typically have a lower trunk height compared to larger vehicles, making it difficult to fit taller or bulkier items.

It’s important to note that smart cars are designed for urban and city driving, where smaller loads are typically carried. If you frequently need to transport large items, a larger vehicle may be more suitable for your needs.

Smart Forfour vs Smart Fortwo

When it comes to trunk space, the Smart Forfour offers more room compared to the Smart Fortwo. The Forfour is a four-door model, which means it has a larger trunk capacity. This makes it more versatile for carrying larger items or accommodating additional passengers.

If you anticipate needing more trunk space, the Smart Forfour could be a better option for you. However, it’s still important to keep in mind the limitations of a smart car’s trunk compared to larger vehicles.

Using a Roof Rack for More Space

If you find yourself needing additional trunk space, one option is to use a roof rack. While smart cars may not have a large trunk, they often come equipped with the ability to install a roof rack. This allows you to securely transport larger items on the roof of your smart car.

Before installing a roof rack, it’s important to check the specific guidelines and weight limits provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure that you are using the roof rack safely and effectively.

Remember, smart cars are designed for efficiency and maneuverability in urban environments. While they may not have as much trunk space as larger vehicles, they offer other advantages such as easy parking and fuel efficiency.

Consider your specific needs and priorities when deciding if a smart car is the right choice for you.

Storage and Organization Tips

When it comes to the trunk space of smart cars, many people may be concerned about how much storage they can actually accommodate. While smart cars are known for their compact size, they can still offer practical solutions for storage and organization.

Here are some tips to make the most out of the trunk space in a smart car.

Built-In Trunk Organizers and Hooks

Smart cars often come equipped with built-in trunk organizers and hooks that can help maximize storage space. These organizers are designed to keep items securely in place, preventing them from rolling around while driving.

The hooks can be used to hang grocery bags or other lightweight items, keeping them within easy reach and preventing them from getting tangled.

Some smart car models even have adjustable dividers that allow you to create separate compartments within the trunk. This can be especially useful for organizing smaller items like tools, emergency supplies, or even sports equipment.

Cargo Nets, Storage Bags, and More

If additional storage is needed, there are a variety of aftermarket solutions available for smart cars. One popular option is a cargo net, which can be easily attached to the trunk area to provide a secure space for storing larger items.

These nets are typically made from durable materials and can stretch to accommodate various sizes of objects.

Another option is storage bags or organizers that can be hung from the back of the seats or attached to the trunk walls. These bags often have multiple compartments and pockets, making it easy to keep items organized and easily accessible.

Some even have thermal insulation, making them great for storing groceries or keeping beverages cool.

Loading Order and Weight Distribution

When it comes to loading your smart car’s trunk, it’s important to consider the order in which items are placed and how their weight is distributed. Heavier items should be placed closer to the rear of the trunk, while lighter items can be placed towards the front.

This helps maintain a proper balance and prevents the car from becoming unbalanced, which can affect its handling and stability.

Additionally, packing items tightly and efficiently can help maximize the available space. Consider using packing cubes or compression bags to condense clothing and other soft items. This not only saves space but also helps keep items organized and prevents them from shifting during transit.

By utilizing built-in trunk organizers, investing in additional storage solutions, and being mindful of loading order and weight distribution, smart car owners can make the most of their trunk space and ensure a well-organized and efficient storage solution.


Smart cars may be tiny, but they can pack a deceptive amount of cargo thanks to their square dimensions and fold-flat rear seats. With nearly 10 cubic feet of trunk space with the seats up and over 16 cubic feet with seats down, you can fit a reasonable amount of luggage and day-to-day goods.

While smart cars do have size and width restrictions compared to larger vehicles, there are still ways to transport bulkier items. And utilizing savvy packing methods helps you safely maximize all available storage space.

For running around congested cities while still having room for errands and getaways, smart cars strike an ideal balance. Just utilize their cargo areas efficiently and you’ll be all set for adventure!

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