What Is The Soho House Acceptance Rate?

The exclusive members-only Soho House clubs are known for their selective entry process. With clubs located in major cities around the world, many people wonder what their chances are of getting into these private spaces.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The Soho House acceptance rate is estimated to be around 72% across all locations. However, acceptance can vary greatly depending on the specific club.

Read on as we dive into the details around Soho House membership acceptance rates, including how the rates differ between locations, what factors impact your chances of entry, and tips to boost your prospects of getting into one of these exclusive clubs.

Background on Soho House Acceptance Process

Soho House is a private members’ club that originated in London in 1995. Since then, it has expanded to numerous locations around the world, including cities like New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Mumbai.

Soho House is known for its exclusive and luxurious atmosphere, attracting a diverse range of individuals from the creative industries.

Overview of Soho House

Soho House offers its members access to a variety of amenities, including stylish lounges, restaurants, bars, and event spaces. It is a place where like-minded individuals can connect, collaborate, and network with others in their respective industries.

The club prides itself on maintaining a vibrant and inclusive community, where members can socialize and enjoy unique experiences.

Each Soho House location is carefully designed with attention to detail, creating a chic and comfortable environment. From the furniture to the artwork displayed on the walls, everything is curated to provide an exceptional experience for members.

How Soho House Reviews Applications

Soho House has a selective and rigorous application process to maintain the exclusivity and quality of its membership. The club carefully reviews each application to ensure that potential members align with the club’s values and contribute to its vibrant community.

When reviewing applications, Soho House considers factors such as professional achievements, industry involvement, and creative contributions. They look for individuals who are actively engaged in their respective fields and can enrich the community through their unique talents and perspectives.

It’s important to note that the acceptance rate for Soho House can vary depending on the location and the number of applications received. The club strives to maintain a balance between exclusivity and diversity, ensuring a dynamic and engaging community for its members.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Soho House, it’s recommended to visit their official website www.sohohouse.com for more information on the application process and requirements specific to your desired location.

Average Acceptance Rates by Location

Are you curious about the acceptance rates at Soho House? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Soho House is an exclusive members-only club that operates in several locations around the world. Each location has its own unique vibe and atmosphere, attracting a diverse group of individuals.

Highest Acceptance Rates

Soho House has gained a reputation for being a highly sought-after membership, with a limited number of spots available. However, some locations have higher acceptance rates compared to others. For example, the Soho House location in New York City is known to have a relatively higher acceptance rate compared to other cities.

This may be due to the larger population and the demand for exclusive social clubs in the Big Apple.

Another location with a higher acceptance rate is Soho House in Los Angeles. With its vibrant entertainment industry and thriving creative community, it’s no wonder that this Soho House location attracts a larger pool of potential members.

Lowest Acceptance Rates

On the other hand, some Soho House locations have lower acceptance rates, making them even more exclusive. One such location is Soho House in London, where the club originated. London is a global hub for finance, fashion, and the arts, attracting a highly competitive crowd.

With a limited number of memberships available, the acceptance rate for Soho House London is relatively lower compared to other locations.

An additional location with a lower acceptance rate is Soho House in Miami. Known for its glamorous nightlife and celebrity sightings, Miami is a hotspot for the rich and famous. As a result, the acceptance rate for Soho House Miami is lower, as the demand for membership exceeds the available spots.

It’s important to note that the acceptance rates at Soho House can vary over time and may be influenced by factors such as location popularity, current member capacity, and the overall demand for membership.

So, if you’re interested in joining Soho House, it’s worth keeping an eye on the acceptance rates at your desired location.

For more information about Soho House and its membership acceptance rates, you can visit their official website at www.sohohouse.com.

What Impacts Your Chances of Acceptance

So you’re interested in joining Soho House, but you might be wondering what factors can influence your chances of acceptance. While the exact acceptance rate for Soho House is not publicly disclosed, there are several key elements that play a significant role in determining whether you’ll be accepted or not.

Membership Type

One of the main factors that can impact your chances of acceptance is the type of membership you are applying for. Soho House offers various membership categories, such as Local House, Every House, and Under 27.

Each category has its own specific criteria and requirements, so it’s important to choose the one that best aligns with your qualifications and preferences.


Another factor that can greatly influence your chances of acceptance is having a recommendation from an existing member. Soho House values referrals from current members, as it helps to ensure that new members will fit in well with the community.

If you have a connection within Soho House who can vouch for you, it can significantly increase your chances of being accepted.

Professional Background

Your professional background and achievements can also have an impact on your acceptance into Soho House. Soho House seeks individuals who are accomplished in their respective fields and can contribute to the community through their expertise and experiences.

Having a notable career or creative accomplishments can enhance your chances of acceptance.

Community Engagement

Soho House places a strong emphasis on community engagement and actively seeks individuals who are passionate about contributing to the local and global creative communities. Involvement in creative industries, active participation in cultural events, and a commitment to supporting and collaborating with fellow creatives can all positively influence your chances of acceptance.


The location where you are applying for membership can also impact your chances of acceptance. Soho House has multiple locations around the world, and some houses may have higher demand and more stringent acceptance criteria than others.

It’s important to consider the popularity and exclusivity of the specific location you are interested in.

Application Quality

Finally, the quality of your application plays a crucial role in determining your chances of acceptance. Soho House receives a high volume of applications, so it’s important to make yours stand out. Take the time to thoroughly complete the application, showcase your unique qualities, and highlight how you can contribute to the Soho House community.

While there is no guarantee of acceptance, considering these factors and presenting yourself in the best possible light can greatly increase your chances of becoming a part of the exclusive Soho House community.

Tips to Improve Your Odds of Entry

Securing a membership at the exclusive Soho House can be quite challenging due to its limited availability and high demand. However, there are several tips you can follow to increase your chances of gaining entry into this prestigious private members’ club.

1. Research the Membership Criteria

Before applying to Soho House, it’s important to thoroughly understand their membership criteria. Each House has its own specific requirements, so make sure you meet the necessary qualifications. This can include being involved in a creative industry, having a notable professional background, or being recommended by an existing member.

2. Network and Make Connections

Building a strong network and making connections with individuals who are already Soho House members can greatly improve your chances of acceptance. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and actively engage with like-minded individuals who may be able to recommend you for membership.

3. Be Authentic and Showcase Your Passion

Soho House values individuals who are passionate about their work and contribute to the creative community. When applying, be sure to highlight your accomplishments, creativity, and how you can contribute to the Soho House community.

Showcasing your authentic self and demonstrating a genuine passion for your field can make a strong impression on the selection committee.

4. Utilize the Guest Passes

If you have the opportunity to visit a Soho House as a guest of a member, take full advantage of it. This will allow you to experience the atmosphere, connect with existing members, and get a better understanding of what the club has to offer.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity to build relationships and potentially secure recommendations from current members.

5. Apply to Multiple Locations

Soho House has numerous locations worldwide, and each House operates independently. If one location has a lower acceptance rate, consider applying to other Houses as well. This increases your chances of getting accepted into the Soho House community.

Remember, gaining entry into Soho House is highly competitive, but with the right approach and persistence, you can improve your odds. Good luck!


Soho House acceptance into their exclusive club spaces remains competitive across their many global locations. While overall acceptance sits around 72%, your individual odds can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your application and club of choice.

By understanding the factors that impact acceptance and working to put together the strongest application possible, you can maximize your chances of gaining access into one of these coveted member spaces.

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