Is Travellergram Legit or Not

Is Travellergram Legit or Not?

Most people enjoy traveling, and everybody enjoys getting a great deal – and as a result, the internet is now full of websites promising to help you find the cheapest rates.

Unfortunately, that also means there are plenty of scam sites that are just designed to separate you from your money without providing the services they claim to offer, and it can be hard to decide which sites to trust.

One site that you may have come across in your search for cheap rooms is Travellergram, but is it a legit business? To give you all the info you need, here’s our Travellergram review.

How to determine if Travellergram is legit

Before we talk about Travellergram, we need to say a few words about how to evaluate the legitimacy of online businesses since it’s not always easy. After all, scammers want to make themselves seem as trustworthy as possible, so how can we spot them?

One way is to check online reviews of the business. When people have bad experiences – and also when they have good experiences – they like to share, and this can give us an idea about how well a business is serving its customers.

There are also several websites that exist to report online scams, and checking these can also help us understand whether a particular site can be trusted.

Finally, there are certain red flags to look out for that can alert us to the fact that a business is not what it claims to be.

By investigating all of these factors, we can then gain a pretty good idea of the trustworthiness of a site.

What is Travellergram?

In a crowded market, Travellergram is not one of the biggest names, so there’s a good chance many people won’t have heard of them – so what is Travellergram?

Travellergram is a booking website that offers cheap rooms around the world.

They claim to provide guaranteed booking confirmation, honest prices with no hidden fees and human support. They also claim that their system can save “on average, up to $100 per booking.”

So now let’s think about whether this is a site you can trust.

Online Travellergram reviews

Online reviews can be a big help in determining the trustworthiness of a site because when people get scammed, they often want to warn other people.

It’s important to remember that every business has some complaints, regardless of their level of service – and at the same time, it’s also possible to post fake reviews online. So in short, we need to be careful.

That said, if we search online for reviews of Travellergram, what we find is a mixed bag.

We managed to find a number of positive reviews stating that Travellergram provided a great service, that they offered significant savings and that they even helped resolve disputes with hotels.

Several positive reviews turned up on Quora, and we also found some positive reviews on BBB.

However, BBB also contains several reviews mentioning problems like difficulties obtaining refunds, advertising false prices, bait and switch scams and booking into the wrong hotel.

This means that on balance, we found both positive and negative comments online, suggesting that Travellergram has at least some satisfied customers.

Assuming that the positive reviews aren’t fake, this would suggest that Travellergram is a real booking agency rather than just a straight-up scam.

However, what’s also interesting is that the majority of the reviews were either five-star reviews or one-star reviews – with almost nothing in between.

This means that people were either wholly satisfied with Travellergram or wholly unsatisfied. In other words, when things go right, everything is great – but when they go wrong, they go badly wrong.

Scam reporting websites for Travellergram

Another place to look for information about the reliability of a business is on scam reporting websites.

On Scam Detector, Travellergram currently has a score of 64.1/100, which is not terrible, but it’s not great either.

Scam Detector notes that the site has a relatively low score of 24/100 for “proximity to suspicious websites” (with low scores being preferable) and that the site was created in 2015 – older sites tend to be more reliable.

Trustpilot was not detected on any blacklist engines, and it also has a valid HTTPS connection, both of which are in its favor.

Scam Detector uses an algorithm based on over 50 factors to determine the trustworthiness of a site, and a score of 64.1 suggests that it is a legitimate business.

Trustpilot currently has a score of 3.5/5 for Travellergram, but this is based on only two reviews so this shouldn’t be seen as significant.

Red flags for Travellergram

Finally, in order to establish a business’s trustworthiness, there are several red flags to look out for that can tell us to proceed with caution. Here’s what we found when we looked at Travellergram.

  • Website

Professional, trustworthy businesses tend to have slick and well-designed websites – look at, for example. So how does Travellergram stack up?

When you open the Travellergram homepage, at first glance, it seems professional and attractive, with home high-quality travel photos.

However, once you look a bit closer, the quality just isn’t there.

The logo doesn’t look like it’s been professionally designed, and the font looks like it’s been taken straight from Word.

Navigation and page layout also don’t have the slick feel of a high-end website – away from the landing page, the page layout, in particular, has a very amateurish feel.

Next, when you click on the “About Travellergram” section, you find even more problems.

The “About Us” section is badly written with grammar mistakes and lots of typos – they even spell the name of the company two different ways, and this kind of sloppiness is a big red flag.

Finally, as we’ve already mentioned, the site has existed since 2015, and the fact that none of this has been fixed is also another red flag.

  • Cancelation policy

For any reputable travel booking agency, the cancelation policy is an extremely important element since customers need to know exactly what their rights are if they need to change or cancel their booking.

Cancelation policies need to be carefully written, spelling out customers’ rights when they book through the site – and ideally, they should be written by a legal professional since precise language needs to be used.

However, the cancelation policy on the Travellergram website has clearly not been written by a professional, and the language used is quite vague.

One line in particular stands out: “the amount of fines and penalties is in accordance with Travellergram’s cancellation policy”.

Apart from the fact that “fines” is a strange choice of words here, the amounts involved are not mentioned. It tells you that they are “in accordance with Travellergram’s cancellation policy” – but we are reading the cancelation policy, and they’re not stated.

So this is very strange, to say the least.

  • “About Us” section

The “About Us” section is where businesses explain who they are, talk about their mission statement and detail their history to build trust with customers. However, this section on Travellergram’s website tells us practically nothing about the company.

  • Social media

Travellergram’s Instagram account is listed on the site, but it is not particularly active, with only 41 posts since 2016.

The posts are also full of punctuation and grammar mistakes and the content is also slightly inappropriate, mentioning “beautiful women” at least a couple of times. This is not a professionally managed account.

  • Contact details

Another big red flag is the absence of any obvious way to contact the company on the site.

If you click on the “Help/Quick Tips” section and scroll down, you can find an email address – but there’s no guarantee they will answer, and there’s no other direct way to contact them despite their “fast response customer service, 24 hours/7 days” claim.

This is also very worrying.

  • Too good to be true

If prices are too good to be true, then they usually are. The site claims to offer savings of “on average, up to $100 per booking”.

Aside from the fact that the statement “on average, up to” doesn’t make logical sense (it can be “on average” or it can be “up to”, but it can’t be both), it’s hard to understand how a business model offering such savings legitimately could be profitable.

So is Travellergram legit?

On balance, due to the positive reviews we found online, Travellergram is probably not a straight-up scam in the sense that they do provide the booking services they claim to provide – we found a number of reviews supposedly posted by happy and satisfied customers.

However, we also found plenty of unhappy customers who felt they had been cheated or ripped off since the service they received was not what was promised.

Furthermore, there are several red flags associated with this business that suggest it is not fully reputable or reliable – a poorly designed website, lack of transparency in terms of cancelations and only an email address for contact are all warning signs.

As a result, we wouldn’t suggest avoiding this site entirely – but we would advise being extremely careful when using it and to understand the risks – and to choose a better-established booking site where possible, especially if the price difference is not so big.

Be careful who you book with

When booking with a known website, you know they’ve got your back if things go wrong, but when booking with smaller, lesser-known sites, you risk putting your vacation plans in the hands of cowboys.

This means you need to think carefully about who you trust your money with before handing over your credit card details – and hopefully, our evaluation of Travellergram will help you make up your mind in this case.

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