The App


SoloTraveller is a social travel app which instantly connects the travellers near you. A perfect social platform to discover nearby backpacking places and travel buddies in real time.

Whether to meet locals, sightseeing or professional meetings, or even to just share a taxi, the opportunities are endless. Not only is SoloTraveller great for backpackers and solo travel, but also a complete travellers community which is a useful aid for motivating people who normally wouldn't feel comfortable travelling alone.

This social travel app is also a great platform for single female travellers to connect with other female travel companions nearby, plan meetups and have a safe & pleasant travel experience.

More To do in App:


* Meet local people nearby & find travel partners.
* Search for nearby backpacking Destinations.  
* Use the CareTo Share feature to share your travelling experiences like places, food, culture and more.
* Build your own traveller community.
* Instantly locate nearby hotels, restaurants, attractions & museums to meet your new backpacker buddies.
* Stay updated with your backpacking friends experiences and locations in the News Feed.
* Find a travelmate nearby with age, gender, location and interests.

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