Why Does Rise Of The Resistance Keep Breaking Down?

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is one of Disney’s most ambitious and technologically advanced theme park rides. As exciting as the ride is, it has gained a reputation for unexpectedly going offline and ‘breaking down’.

If you’re wondering why Rise of the Resistance has so many technical issues, read on as we dive into the details.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Rise of the Resistance is an incredibly complex ride with multiple ride systems interfacing, robotics, detailed sets, digital projections, special effects, and more.

All of these components make the ride more prone to technical glitches and downtime for maintenance.

The Sheer Scale and Complexity of the Ride

One of the main reasons why Rise of the Resistance keeps breaking down is due to the sheer scale and complexity of the ride. This attraction is one of the most ambitious and technologically advanced experiences ever created by Disney Imagineers.

It combines multiple ride systems, intricate sets and animatronics, and digital effects to create a truly immersive and thrilling adventure.

Multiple Ride Systems

Rise of the Resistance utilizes multiple ride systems to transport guests through different scenes and environments. From trackless vehicles to motion simulators, each system is designed to provide a unique and seamless experience.

However, the integration of these systems can be challenging, as any malfunction or synchronization issue can disrupt the entire ride.

Intricate Sets and Animatronics

The attention to detail in Rise of the Resistance is truly remarkable. The ride features intricate sets that transport guests to the Star Wars universe, complete with lifelike animatronics and immersive environments.

Maintaining and operating these sets and animatronics requires a high level of technical expertise, as even minor issues can affect the overall performance of the ride.

Digital Effects and Projections

In addition to physical sets and animatronics, Rise of the Resistance also incorporates cutting-edge digital effects and projections. These technologies add depth and realism to the ride, but they also introduce a new level of complexity.

Any glitches or technical difficulties with the digital effects can result in ride disruptions or breakdowns.

The combination of multiple ride systems, intricate sets and animatronics, and digital effects and projections makes Rise of the Resistance a technological marvel. However, the complexity of these elements also increases the likelihood of technical issues and breakdowns.

Disney Imagineers are constantly working to improve and maintain the ride, but occasional interruptions are to be expected when dealing with such an ambitious and groundbreaking attraction.

Stringent Safety Measures and Testing

One of the key reasons why Rise of the Resistance keeps breaking down is due to the stringent safety measures and testing that are in place. As one of the most technologically advanced and immersive attractions in the theme park industry, the ride incorporates a multitude of complex systems and effects to create a truly immersive experience for guests.

These systems include animatronics, special effects, and trackless ride vehicles, all of which require extensive testing and maintenance to ensure their proper operation.

Disney, the company behind Rise of the Resistance, places a high priority on guest safety, and as such, the ride undergoes rigorous testing and inspection on a regular basis. This includes daily checks of all ride components, as well as more in-depth inspections and maintenance during scheduled downtime.

The aim is to identify and address any potential issues before they become major problems that could compromise the safety of guests.

In addition to the regular inspections, Disney also conducts thorough testing of the ride’s various systems and effects. This includes testing the animatronics, special effects, and ride vehicles to ensure they are functioning correctly and can handle the demands of the ride experience.

These tests can be time-consuming and may require the ride to be taken offline for extended periods, but they are crucial in ensuring the ride operates safely and smoothly.

While these safety measures and testing procedures are necessary, they can also contribute to the ride experiencing more frequent breakdowns. The complex nature of the ride and the multitude of systems involved means that there are more opportunities for something to go wrong.

Even with the most thorough testing and maintenance, unexpected issues can arise, requiring the ride to be temporarily shut down for repairs.

It is important to note that the frequency of breakdowns on Rise of the Resistance is not unique to this attraction. Many other technologically advanced rides and attractions also experience occasional downtime for maintenance and repairs.

The intricate nature of these attractions means that even minor issues can have a significant impact on their operation. However, the stringent safety measures and testing procedures implemented by Disney help to minimize the risk and ensure the safety of guests.

For more information on the safety measures and testing procedures at Disney parks, you can visit their official website: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/ride-safety/.

Ongoing Maintenance and Upkeep Requirements

One of the main reasons why Rise of the Resistance keeps breaking down is due to the ongoing maintenance and upkeep requirements of the attraction. With its highly advanced technology and intricate design, the ride requires regular attention to ensure its smooth operation.

Wear and Tear on Components

As thousands of guests experience the ride each day, the components of Rise of the Resistance are subjected to significant wear and tear. The constant movement, vibrations, and forces exerted on the ride’s mechanical and electrical systems can lead to unexpected failures and breakdowns.

The attraction’s complex animatronics, special effects, and ride vehicles all require regular inspection and maintenance to address any issues and prevent future breakdowns.

According to a report by Attractions Magazine, the ride’s animatronic figures alone require extensive upkeep. They are made up of hundreds of moving parts, which need to be regularly checked, lubricated, and calibrated to ensure their proper functioning.

Additionally, the ride vehicles undergo routine inspections to detect any signs of wear or malfunction that could potentially lead to a breakdown.

Software Updates and Bug Fixes

Another factor contributing to the breakdowns of Rise of the Resistance is the need for regular software updates and bug fixes. The ride’s complex control systems and interactive elements rely heavily on software to operate seamlessly.

However, as with any software, bugs and glitches can occur, causing malfunctions or unexpected shutdowns.

Disney Imagineers and software engineers work diligently to identify and address these issues through regular updates and bug fixes. These updates not only fix existing problems but also enhance the ride’s performance and add new features.

However, the introduction of new software updates can sometimes lead to unforeseen compatibility issues or conflicts, which may result in temporary closures or breakdowns.

According to WDW Info, the Walt Disney World website, software updates for attractions like Rise of the Resistance are carefully planned and tested before implementation. However, due to the complexity of the ride’s systems and the potential for unforeseen interactions, occasional issues may arise that require additional adjustments.

Staffing Challenges

One of the main reasons why Rise of the Resistance keeps breaking down is due to staffing challenges. Operating a complex attraction like Rise of the Resistance requires a large team of skilled technicians and cast members to ensure its smooth operation.

However, finding and retaining qualified staff members can be a challenge.

Disney theme parks are known for their high standards when it comes to customer service and guest experience. This means that they need to hire employees who not only have technical expertise but also possess the ability to interact with guests in a friendly and professional manner.

Finding individuals who meet these criteria can be difficult, especially during peak seasons when the demand for staff is high.

Moreover, the training required to operate and maintain an attraction as intricate as Rise of the Resistance can be time-consuming. It takes time for new hires to become fully familiar with all the systems and procedures involved.

This can lead to temporary staffing shortages, which may result in more frequent breakdowns of the attraction.

Impact on Operations

The staffing challenges faced by Disney can have a significant impact on the operations of Rise of the Resistance. When there is a shortage of qualified staff members, it becomes difficult to address maintenance issues promptly.

This can lead to longer downtime periods for the attraction, causing frustration among guests who have been looking forward to experiencing it.

In addition, when there is a lack of experienced staff, it can affect the overall efficiency of the attraction. Staff members who are still in the learning phase may take longer to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, resulting in extended breakdowns.

This not only affects the guest experience but also puts additional strain on the remaining staff who have to handle the increased workload.

Potential Solutions

To address the staffing challenges, Disney can implement several potential solutions. One option is to increase recruitment efforts and offer competitive compensation packages to attract and retain skilled technicians and cast members.

Ensuring that there are enough trained staff members available at all times can help minimize breakdowns and ensure a smoother operation of Rise of the Resistance.

Another solution could be to invest in additional training programs to expedite the learning process for new hires. By providing comprehensive and efficient training, Disney can shorten the time it takes for staff members to become fully proficient in operating and maintaining the attraction.

This would help mitigate staffing shortages and reduce the frequency of breakdowns.


In summary, Rise of the Resistance is Disney’s biggest and most ambitious attraction yet from both a technical and storytelling perspective. All of these elements make the ride more vulnerable to downtime than simpler theme park attractions.

While frustrating, the breakdowns and closures are necessary to ensure both epic guest experiences and safety when the ride is operating.

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