About SoloTraveller

Welcome to SoloTraveller, a travel blog for solo adventurers and independent travelers. We believe that you don’t need a partner or group to have an amazing travel experience. Our goal is to inspire you to embrace solo travel and provide tips and resources to help you plan your next solo adventure.

Our Story

SoloTraveller was founded in 2020 by Debra, an avid solo traveler who was frustrated by the lack of resources for traveling alone. After years of epic solo journeys across six continents, Debra decided to create a space to share their best solo travel tips and connect with fellow solo wanderers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower solo travelers to have safe, affordable, and unforgettable travel experiences. We aim to:

  • Inspire independent travelers through compelling stories and photography
  • Provide practical solo travel tips and hacks on planning, budgeting, safety, meeting people, and more
  • Build a supportive community for solo travelers
  • Promote sustainable and responsible travel practices
  • Celebrate the joy of solo travel as a formative life experience

Meet Our Travel Experts

Our blog is run by a team of solo travel enthusiasts who have collectively visited over 100 countries. With backgrounds ranging from backpacking to luxury travel, our contributors provide a wealth of experience and advice.

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We’re thrilled you found us and hope SoloTraveller can empower your next solo adventure! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.