Welcome to Solo Traveller, a travel blog dedicated to the solo adventurer! We aim to inspire and inform those who love to travel on their own through our in-depth destination guides, travel tips, stories, photos and more.

Solo Traveller was founded in 2020 by Jennifer Morris who, after years of solo backpacking adventures spanning over 50 countries across 6 continents, decided to create a platform to share their knowledge, advice and encouragement for how to travel safely and meaningfully alone.

Jennifer Morris

As an avid solo traveller themselves, Jennifer Morris provides practical first-hand travel information on destinations, budgets, transport, accommodation, eating alone, meeting people, staying safe and so much more. The goal is to motivate and enable solo travellers to have their own unique, fulfilling and even life-changing experiences.

Here at Solo Traveller, we believe solo travel allows for adventure, cultural immersion, self-discovery and independence unlike any other form of travel. Through inspiring yet honest stories and advice, we aim to show how travelling alone is an incredibly rewarding way to explore the world for those willing to take the leap!

Follow along our journeys through our blog posts and be part of the Solo Traveller community! We look forward to informing, encouraging and inspiring your own solo travel dreams and adventures.