Is Disney Moving To Texas In 2023?

Rumors have been swirling that Disney may be looking to move some or all of its operations from California to Texas. If you’re wondering whether there is any truth to these rumors, read on for a deep dive into the speculation around a potential Disney move.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: While Disney has not made any official announcement of plans to move to Texas as of late 2022, they have been scouting locations in Texas and meeting with officials about potential incentives.

Given the company’s frustration with policies in California and the Lone Star State’s business-friendly environment, a partial move of some operations or a new Disney site in Texas could be announced in 2023.

Background on Disney’s Frustrations in California

For decades, California has been the home of the entertainment industry, with Hollywood serving as its iconic hub. However, in recent years, Disney has expressed growing frustration with the state’s high taxes and excessive regulations.

These frustrations have led to rumors and speculation about Disney potentially moving its operations to Texas in 2023.

High Taxes and Regulations

One of the main reasons behind Disney’s frustrations in California is the state’s high taxes. California has one of the highest tax rates in the country, which can significantly impact a company’s bottom line.

With Disney being a major employer and contributor to the local economy, the burden of these taxes can be substantial.

Additionally, California’s regulatory environment has become increasingly challenging for businesses. The state has implemented numerous regulations that can make it difficult for companies like Disney to operate efficiently.

These regulations can range from labor laws to environmental regulations, adding extra costs and administrative burden to businesses.

Furthermore, the cost of living in California has skyrocketed in recent years, making it more expensive for employees to live near Disney’s facilities. This has led to challenges in attracting and retaining talent, further exacerbating Disney’s frustrations.

Political Culture Clashes

Another factor contributing to Disney’s potential move to Texas is the clash of political cultures. California has a reputation for having a more liberal and progressive political climate, while Texas is known for its conservative leanings.

This clash in ideologies can create challenges for a company like Disney, which aims to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Disney, known for its family-friendly content, has faced criticism and backlash from some California lawmakers and activists who believe the company should take a more progressive stance on various social and political issues.

This pressure can create a difficult environment for Disney to navigate, leading to frustrations and the consideration of alternative locations.

While the rumors of Disney moving to Texas in 2023 are still speculative, it is clear that the company has been facing challenges in California. Whether Disney ultimately decides to relocate or not, these frustrations highlight the complex relationship between businesses and the states in which they operate.

Why Texas Appeals to Disney

Disney, one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in the world, has long been synonymous with Hollywood and California. However, recent rumors suggest that the company may be considering a move to the Lone Star State in 2023.

So, why would Disney, a company deeply rooted in California, be enticed by Texas?

Low Taxes and Land Availability

One of the primary reasons that Texas appeals to Disney is the state’s favorable tax environment. Texas is known for its low taxes, including no state income tax. This means that businesses, like Disney, can benefit from significant cost savings.

Additionally, Texas has ample land availability, making it an attractive option for large-scale projects. The state’s vast expanses of undeveloped land provide ample opportunities for Disney to build and expand its operations.

According to a report from Forbes, Texas ranked as the best state for business in 2021. The report cited the state’s low tax burden, diverse economy, and strong economic growth as key factors contributing to its attractiveness for businesses.

With these factors in mind, it’s no wonder that Disney is considering a move to Texas.

Supportive Political Leadership

Another reason why Texas may be appealing to Disney is the state’s supportive political leadership. Texas has a reputation for being business-friendly, with a government that actively promotes economic growth and development.

This supportive environment can be seen in the state’s efforts to attract major corporations through incentives and streamlined regulations.

For example, in 2018, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill offering $250 million in incentives to bring major film and television productions to the state. This kind of support from political leaders demonstrates Texas’ commitment to fostering a thriving entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Texas has a long history of successful partnerships between the government and private sector. The state has collaborated with various companies to develop innovative projects, such as the Texas Enterprise Fund, which provides financial incentives to businesses that create jobs and contribute to the state’s economy.

With a supportive political climate and a track record of successful collaborations, Texas offers Disney the opportunity to establish strong relationships and work hand-in-hand with the government to further its entertainment endeavors.

Evidence of Disney Scouting Texas Locations

There has been speculation in recent months about Disney potentially moving to Texas in 2023. While there is no official confirmation from Disney, there is evidence to suggest that the company is indeed exploring the possibility of establishing a presence in the Lone Star State.

Scouting for Locations

Reports have emerged of Disney representatives visiting various cities in Texas to scout potential locations for theme parks, studios, and other facilities. This has sparked excitement among Disney fans and local residents alike, as the prospect of having the magic of Disney right in their backyard is a dream come true for many.

According to insiders, the company is particularly interested in major metropolitan areas with a strong tourism industry, such as Austin, Houston, and Dallas. These cities offer a vibrant culture, a thriving economy, and a large population base, making them attractive options for Disney to consider.

Boost to the Economy

A potential move by Disney to Texas would undoubtedly have a significant economic impact on the state. Theme parks and entertainment complexes are major drivers of tourism, attracting millions of visitors each year and creating numerous job opportunities.

For example, Disney’s presence in Florida has been a major boost to the state’s economy. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando alone employs over 75,000 cast members and contributes billions of dollars annually to the local economy.

A similar impact can be expected in Texas if Disney decides to establish a significant presence in the state.

Competition with Other Locations

Texas is not the only state vying for Disney’s attention. Several other states, including Georgia, Louisiana, and Nevada, have also expressed interest in attracting the entertainment giant. However, Texas stands out due to its favorable business climate, lower taxes, and a large potential customer base.

Furthermore, Texas already has a robust film industry, with Austin being a hub for independent filmmakers and Houston hosting major film festivals. This existing infrastructure could make it easier for Disney to establish its studios and production facilities in the state.

While nothing is set in stone, the evidence of Disney scouting Texas locations certainly suggests that the company is seriously considering a move to the Lone Star State. If this were to happen, it would bring immense joy to Disney fans and provide a significant economic boost to Texas.

Potential Incentive Packages From Texas

As rumors circulate about Disney potentially moving to Texas in 2023, one of the factors that could be influencing this decision is the potential incentive packages offered by the state. Texas is known for its business-friendly environment and its willingness to provide attractive incentives to companies looking to relocate or expand their operations.

Financial Incentives

Texas offers a variety of financial incentives that could be appealing to Disney. These incentives include tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans. The state has a history of providing generous tax incentives to companies that bring jobs and investment to the area.

Disney could benefit from these incentives, which would help offset the costs of relocating and setting up their operations in Texas.

Infrastructure Support

Another factor that could be enticing Disney to consider Texas is the state’s commitment to infrastructure development. Texas has a robust transportation network, including a well-connected highway system and several international airports.

This infrastructure support would make it easier for Disney to transport goods and attract visitors to their new location.

Talent Pool

Texas is home to a diverse and highly skilled workforce, which could be another draw for Disney. The state’s strong education system, especially in areas like engineering and computer science, ensures a steady supply of talented individuals that Disney could tap into.

Additionally, Texas has a reputation for its strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, which aligns well with Disney’s values.

Quality of Life

Texas offers a high quality of life, with a relatively low cost of living and a range of recreational and cultural amenities. From vibrant cities like Austin and Houston to beautiful natural landscapes, Texas has something for everyone.

This could be a significant selling point for Disney employees who are considering a move to the Lone Star State.

While the potential incentive packages from Texas are certainly attractive, it is important to note that no official announcement has been made regarding Disney’s move to the state in 2023. As with any rumors, it is best to wait for official confirmation before drawing any conclusions.

However, if Disney does decide to relocate to Texas, the potential incentive packages offered by the state could play a significant role in their decision-making process.

What Operations Could Move and When

There has been a lot of speculation recently about whether Disney is planning to move its operations to Texas in 2023. While there is no official confirmation from Disney, let’s explore the potential operations that could move and when that might happen.

Theme Parks and Resorts

If Disney were to move its theme parks and resorts to Texas, it would be a monumental shift in the entertainment industry. However, it seems highly unlikely as Disney’s theme parks, such as Disneyland and Disney World, are iconic landmarks that have become synonymous with their respective locations.

Moving these parks would not only be logistically challenging but also risk alienating their loyal fan base.

Corporate Offices

On the other hand, Disney’s corporate offices could potentially be relocated to Texas. Many major companies have been attracted to the Lone Star State due to its business-friendly environment, lower taxes, and access to a skilled workforce.

The move could provide Disney with cost savings and a strategic advantage in terms of expanding its operations.

Production Studios

Disney’s production studios, responsible for creating iconic movies and TV shows, are another aspect that could potentially be moved to Texas. The state has been attracting major film productions with its generous tax incentives and diverse landscapes.

However, it is important to note that Disney already has production facilities in California and Georgia, so a complete move to Texas seems unlikely.

Streaming Services

With the rise of streaming services, Disney’s focus has shifted towards its digital platforms such as Disney+. While it is possible for the company to establish a significant presence in Texas for its streaming services, it is unlikely that the entire operation would be moved.

The infrastructure and talent pool in California, where the entertainment industry is deeply rooted, would be hard to replicate elsewhere.


While Disney moving all operations out of California anytime soon seems unlikely, the company has compelling reasons to shift some offices, jobs and possibly theme park expansions to business-friendly Texas.

Given Disney’s recent scouting and meetings with Texas officials in 2022, expect some Lone Star State announcement from the entertainment giant within the next year.

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