Do Lyft Drivers See Your Rating? Answers Revealed

Wondering if the Lyft driver who just picked you up can see the rating you gave your last driver? Or what your current passenger rating is? Many riders using Lyft and other rideshare services have questions around ratings and what information drivers can access.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Lyft drivers can see your first name, photo, and passenger rating when they accept your ride request. However, they cannot see individual ratings you’ve given to previous drivers or feedback comments.

What Information Lyft Drivers See About Passengers

When it comes to ride-sharing platforms like Lyft, passengers often wonder what information their drivers can access. In this article, we will reveal the key details that Lyft drivers can see about passengers.

Understanding this information can help passengers feel more at ease and confident in their Lyft experiences.

First Name and Photo

When a passenger requests a ride through the Lyft app, the driver is provided with the passenger’s first name and their profile photo. This allows drivers to identify their passengers easily and ensures a smooth pickup process.

It’s important for passengers to remember that their photo should be clear and up-to-date, making it easier for drivers to recognize them.

Passenger Rating

Lyft drivers are also able to view a passenger’s rating. After each ride, both drivers and passengers have the opportunity to rate each other. The rating system helps to maintain a high level of service and accountability within the Lyft community.

Passengers with consistently low ratings may experience longer wait times or even face account restrictions. On the other hand, passengers with high ratings may enjoy a more efficient and pleasant experience with Lyft.

Destination Information

Lyft drivers have access to the destination information provided by passengers when they request a ride. This allows drivers to plan their routes more effectively and ensures a smoother and faster journey for both parties.

Passengers can feel confident that their drivers are aware of their desired destination and are taking the most efficient route to get there.

Number of Passengers

Lastly, Lyft drivers are able to see the number of passengers indicated by the requesting passenger. This information is crucial for drivers to ensure that they have enough space in their vehicle to accommodate the passengers comfortably and safely.

Passengers should always provide an accurate number of passengers to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort during the ride.

What Lyft Drivers Don’t See

Individual Ratings for Past Drivers

When you take a Lyft ride, you are given the opportunity to rate your driver on a scale of one to five stars. However, many passengers are curious about whether Lyft drivers can see their individual ratings.

The answer is no, Lyft drivers do not have access to the specific ratings they have received from each passenger. Instead, they are provided with an average rating based on all the ratings they have received.

This policy helps to maintain a fair and unbiased rating system for Lyft drivers. It ensures that drivers are not unfairly penalized by a few low ratings and allows them to focus on providing excellent service to all passengers.

Written Feedback and Comments

In addition to the star ratings, passengers also have the option to provide written feedback and comments about their Lyft experience. This feedback can be invaluable for drivers, as it allows them to understand what they are doing well and areas where they can improve.

However, Lyft drivers do not have access to the specific comments and feedback left by individual passengers. Instead, they receive a summary of the feedback they have received, which helps them identify patterns and make necessary adjustments to their service.

Lyft’s approach to feedback and ratings is designed to protect both passengers and drivers. By keeping individual ratings and comments anonymous, Lyft ensures that the feedback system remains fair and unbiased.

For more information about Lyft’s rating system and driver feedback, you can visit their official website:

Why Lyft Limits Driver Access to Ratings Data

Lyft, the popular ridesharing platform, has implemented a policy that limits driver access to ratings data. This policy aims to create a fair and unbiased system for both drivers and passengers. Here are some reasons why Lyft has chosen to limit driver access to ratings data:

1. Maintaining Driver Motivation

By limiting access to ratings data, Lyft ensures that drivers do not become overly fixated on their ratings. This helps to maintain their motivation and focus on providing excellent service to each passenger, regardless of their rating.

2. Preventing Discrimination

Lyft understands that providing drivers with access to ratings data can potentially lead to discrimination. If drivers can see a passenger’s rating before accepting a ride, they may be inclined to decline based on biases or assumptions.

By limiting access to ratings data, Lyft aims to prevent any discriminatory practices.

3. Encouraging Improvement

Another reason for limiting driver access to ratings data is to encourage continuous improvement. When drivers are unaware of their ratings, they are more likely to focus on their overall performance rather than fixating on individual ratings.

This motivates them to consistently provide a high level of service.

4. Protecting Passenger Privacy

Lyft values passenger privacy and aims to protect their personal information. By limiting access to ratings data, Lyft ensures that drivers do not have access to passengers’ ratings, preventing any potential misuse of this information.

How to Check and Improve Your Passenger Rating

Check Your Rating in the App

As a Lyft passenger, you may be wondering if drivers are able to see your rating. The answer is yes, they can. Your passenger rating is a reflection of your behavior and how you interact with drivers during your rides. To check your rating, simply open the Lyft app and go to your profile section.

There, you will find your rating displayed prominently. Keep in mind that your rating is an average of all the ratings you have received from drivers, so it’s important to be mindful of your behavior during each ride.

Tips to Earn a 5-Star Passenger Rating

Now that you know how to check your passenger rating, you may be wondering how to improve it. Here are some tips to help you earn a 5-star rating:

  • Be punctual: One of the best ways to start your ride off on the right foot is to be ready and waiting when your driver arrives. This shows respect for their time and can set a positive tone for the rest of the ride.
  • Communicate clearly: Make sure to enter your pickup and drop-off locations accurately in the app. If you need to make any changes or have special instructions for your driver, communicate them clearly and politely.
  • Respect the driver’s vehicle: Treat your driver’s car as if it were your own. Avoid eating messy foods, smoking, or leaving behind any trash. Keeping the vehicle clean and tidy shows respect for the driver and helps maintain a pleasant environment for everyone.
  • Be polite and friendly: A simple “hello” and a friendly attitude can go a long way in creating a positive experience for both you and your driver. Engage in polite conversation if you feel comfortable doing so, and always remember to thank your driver at the end of the ride.
  • Rate your driver fairly: Just as drivers rate passengers, passengers have the opportunity to rate their drivers. Make sure to provide honest and fair ratings based on your experience. This helps Lyft maintain a high level of service and ensures that drivers are held accountable for their actions.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of earning a 5-star rating as a Lyft passenger. Remember, being considerate, respectful, and communicative goes a long way in creating a positive experience for both you and your driver. Happy travels!


In summary, Lyft drivers can only view limited information about passengers when they accept a ride, mainly your name, photo, and current overall passenger rating. They cannot see the individual star ratings and comments you’ve given previous drivers.

Lyft protects this feedback to encourage honest ratings from passengers. You can check your own passenger rating in the Lyft app and follow some best practices to maintain a high rating.

Knowing what drivers can and can’t see regarding your past rides and ratings should give you confidence to rate and tip according to the experience you receive.

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