Are There Any Ingalls Alive Today? Tracing The Descendants Of The Little House On The Prairie Family

Are there any Ingalls alive today? The much-loved Little House on the Prairie books and television series left fans wanting to know more about the fate of the Ingalls family after Laura Ingalls Wilder penned her last book.

To quickly answer the question posed in the title – yes, there are still descendants of the Ingalls family living today. While direct blood relatives of Laura herself have dwindled, there are a number of cousins, nephews, and nieces who have traced their lineage back to the pioneers of the American Midwest.

In this article, we will explore the genealogy of the Ingalls family in detail, finding out who is left and learning more about Charles Ingalls’ siblings’ families. We will also take a nostalgic trip back in time to the best-loved tales from books and TV shows.

Tracing the Ingalls Family Tree to Find Living Relatives

The Ingalls family made famous through the beloved book series “Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder, has captivated readers for generations. Many wonder if there are any living descendants of this pioneering family.

Through careful research and genealogical investigation, it is possible to trace the Ingalls family tree and discover if there are any Ingalls alive today.

Laura’s Parents and Sisters

The first step in tracing the Ingalls family tree is to explore Laura Ingalls Wilder’s immediate family. Laura was born to Charles and Caroline Ingalls, who had five children in total. Her sisters, Mary, Carrie, and Grace, were all a part of the Ingalls family journey.

Mary Ingalls, Laura’s older sister, became blind as a result of scarlet fever. She never married or had children, so there are no direct living descendants through her. Carrie Ingalls, Laura’s younger sister, married David Swanzey, and they had two children, Roland and Ray.

While descendants of Carrie Ingalls may exist today, further research is needed to confirm their whereabouts.

Charles Ingalls’ Siblings and Their Families

Tracing the Ingalls family tree also involves investigating the siblings of Laura’s father, Charles Ingalls. Charles had four siblings: Peter, Charlotte, Joseph, and Henry. Peter Ingalls married Eliza Ann Quiner, and they had three children: Hiram, Alice, and Ella.

The descendants of Peter Ingalls and his children may hold the key to finding living relatives of the Ingalls family.

Charlotte Ingalls married Henry Quiner, and they had ten children together. One of their children, Caroline Lake Quiner, would go on to marry Charles Ingalls, Laura’s father. This marriage brought together two branches of the Ingalls family, further complicating the search for living relatives.

Second Cousins and Beyond

As we move further down the Ingalls family tree, the number of potential living relatives increases exponentially. Second cousins, third cousins, and beyond may hold the connection to the present-day descendants of the Ingalls family.

Genealogy websites and resources, such as and, can be valuable tools in tracing the Ingalls family tree and connecting with potential living relatives. These platforms allow individuals to build their family trees, search for shared ancestors, and connect with others who may have valuable information about the Ingalls family lineage.

It is important to note that tracing family trees can be a complex and time-consuming process. While there may be living descendants of the Ingalls family today, it requires thorough research and collaboration with other genealogists to uncover these connections.

So, are there any Ingalls alive today? The answer is not definitive, but with the help of genealogical research and the passion of Little House on the Prairie enthusiasts, it is possible to uncover living relatives who can carry on the legacy of the Ingalls family.

Where Are the Remaining Ingalls Family Members Today?

The Ingalls family, made famous by the beloved book series “Little House on the Prairie” written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, has left a lasting legacy. While some members of the Ingalls family have passed away, there are still descendants alive today who continue to carry on the family name and heritage.

Oklahoma and Missouri Homesteads

After leaving their homestead in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, the Ingalls family made their way to De Smet, South Dakota. From there, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband, Almanzo Wilder, eventually settled in Mansfield, Missouri.

Today, the Wilder home in Mansfield has been preserved as a museum, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of the Ingalls family.

The Ingalls family also had connections to Oklahoma. Laura and Almanzo’s daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, moved to the Ozarks in Missouri, and her daughter, Laura Lane Rose, settled in Oklahoma. While the Ingalls family’s presence in Oklahoma is less well-known, there are still descendants residing there today.

Carrie Ingalls Swanzey’s Family Line

Caroline “Carrie” Ingalls, Laura’s younger sister, married David Swanzey and had two children. While not as famous as Laura, Carrie’s descendants continue the family line. Today, there are living descendants of Carrie Ingalls Swanzey scattered throughout the United States.

Some have chosen to embrace their Ingalls heritage, while others have pursued different paths.

Grace Ingalls Dow’s Remaining Relatives

Grace Ingalls Dow, the youngest sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder, married a farmer named Nathan Dow. They had one son, and their descendants live on today. While the Ingalls family’s fame largely stems from Laura’s books, it is important to remember that the family’s story didn’t end with her.

Grace’s descendants have carried on the Ingalls name, albeit in a more private manner.

The Little House Legacy – Bringing the Stories to Life

The Little House on the Prairie series, written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, has captivated readers for generations. These autobiographical novels provide a glimpse into the lives of the Ingalls family as they navigated the challenges and triumphs of pioneer life in the late 19th century.

Today, the legacy of the Little House books continues to thrive, with fans of all ages still enchanted by the stories.

The Autobiographical Novels

Laura Ingalls Wilder penned a total of nine books in the Little House series, starting with “Little House in the Big Woods” and ending with “The First Four Years.” Each book chronicles a different period in the Ingalls family’s journey, offering a unique perspective on their experiences.

From the cozy log cabin in Wisconsin to the vast prairies of Kansas, readers are transported to a time long gone but never forgotten.

These novels are not only literary masterpieces but also serve as a valuable historical record of the pioneer era. Laura’s vivid descriptions and heartfelt storytelling bring to life the challenges and joys of frontier life, making the reader feel as though they are right beside the Ingalls family as they build their home, cultivate their land, and face the harsh realities of the American West.

Key Characters and Tales

One of the reasons the Little House series has stood the test of time is its unforgettable characters. From the spirited Laura to the wise and loving Ma and Pa, each member of the Ingalls family leaves a lasting impression on readers.

Their individual stories and the relationships they develop with other pioneers they encounter along the way create a tapestry of human experience that resonates with readers of all ages.

The tales within the Little House books cover a wide range of topics, from the simple pleasures of childhood adventures to the hardships of crop failures and blizzards. Laura’s journey from a young girl to a married woman, her experiences as a teacher, and her unwavering determination to succeed against all odds inspire readers to persevere in their own lives.

The Television Adaptation

In addition to the novels, the Little House on the Prairie stories reached an even wider audience through the beloved television adaptation. Running from 1974 to 1983, the show brought the Ingalls family and their adventures into living rooms across the country.

Starring Michael Landon as Pa and Melissa Gilbert as Laura, the TV series further immortalized the characters and their stories.

The show, like the books, touched on important themes such as family, friendship, and resilience. It also provided viewers with a visual representation of the prairie landscapes and the challenges faced by pioneers.

The combination of engaging storytelling and memorable performances made the television adaptation a hit and helped keep the Little House legacy alive and thriving.

Today, the Little House on the Prairie series continues to captivate readers and viewers of all ages. Its enduring appeal is a testament to the power of storytelling and the ability of Laura Ingalls Wilder to bring history to life through her words.

Whether through the books or the television show, the legacy of the Ingalls family and their adventures will continue to inspire and entertain for generations to come.

Are There Any Ingalls Alive – Conclusion

While Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sisters may no longer have any direct descendants left today, the legacy of her Little House stories lives on. Through the memoirs of her books and the imaginations captured by the television series, the tales of Pa and the prairie pioneers remain alive in America’s hearts.

The cousins, nieces, and nephews who remain keep family history and genealogy alive. With ancestors hailing from the Midwest homesteads to Alabama, the Ingalls clan has dispersed across North America.

One thing’s for certain – the true pioneering spirit of the Ingalls family looks set to be passed down to generations to come. As people continue to research their family trees for connections to their favorite historical characters, the heritage of the Ingalls’ name endures.

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