Royal Caribbean Liquid Policy: What You Need To Know

Going on a Royal Caribbean cruise and wondering what the policy is regarding bringing liquids like water, sodas, and alcohol onboard? With varying rules across different cruise lines, it’s understandable to have questions around what is allowed and what is prohibited.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Royal Caribbean allows each passenger to bring up to 12 standard (500ml or smaller) bottles or cans of non-alcoholic drinks onboard at embarkation. Alcohol and other beverages over the 12 bottle limit or in larger containers must be purchased from shops onboard once the cruise has set sail.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide full details on Royal Caribbean’s rules for transporting water, soft drinks, wine, beer, spirits, and other potable liquids onto your cruise.

Water & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

When it comes to staying hydrated onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, understanding the liquid policy is essential. Royal Caribbean recognizes the importance of providing guests with access to water and non-alcoholic beverages throughout their voyage. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Bringing Bottled Water Onboard

Guests are allowed to bring a limited amount of bottled water on board Royal Caribbean ships. Each stateroom is permitted to bring up to 12 standard-sized (17 oz) bottles of water. This allowance allows guests to have access to their preferred brand of water and ensures they stay refreshed throughout their journey.

If you exceed the limit, don’t worry! Royal Caribbean offers a variety of onboard water packages that can be purchased to supplement your supply. These packages are convenient and cost-effective, providing you with additional bottles of water throughout your cruise.

Allowance for Sodas & Juices

While the liquid policy mainly focuses on bottled water, Royal Caribbean also permits guests to bring a limited quantity of sodas and juices on board. Each stateroom is allowed to bring up to 12 cans or cartons of non-alcoholic beverages.

This allowance gives guests the flexibility to enjoy their favorite soft drinks and juices during their cruise.

However, it’s important to note that the beverages must be in sealed, original packaging. Opened or partially consumed cans or cartons will not be allowed on board. Additionally, it’s recommended to pack these items in your carry-on luggage, as they will be subject to security screenings.

Refilling Reusable Water Bottles

For those who prefer to use reusable water bottles, Royal Caribbean offers convenient water refill stations throughout their ships. These stations are equipped with filtered water, ensuring that guests have access to clean and fresh water throughout their voyage.

So, don’t forget to pack your favorite reusable water bottle and take advantage of this eco-friendly option.

Purchasing Drinks On The Ship

If you prefer not to bring your own beverages or need additional drinks during your cruise, Royal Caribbean offers a wide range of options for purchasing drinks onboard. From refreshing mocktails and specialty coffees to freshly squeezed juices and soft drinks, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Furthermore, Royal Caribbean offers various beverage packages that can be purchased in advance or onboard. These packages provide unlimited access to a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about additional costs.

For more information on Royal Caribbean’s liquid policy and beverage options, visit their official website:

Wine & Beer Allowance

Bringing Wine Onboard

Royal Caribbean understands that many passengers enjoy savoring a glass of their favorite wine while cruising. As a result, they have a wine allowance policy that allows guests to bring a certain amount of wine onboard without any additional charges.

This is great news for wine enthusiasts who want to enjoy their preferred bottle of wine during their vacation.

According to Royal Caribbean’s current policy, each stateroom is allowed to bring two bottles of wine onboard during embarkation. However, it’s important to note that these bottles cannot exceed 750ml in size.

Additionally, if guests wish to consume their wine in a public area, they will be charged a small corkage fee. This fee covers the cost of opening and serving the wine.

Allowance For Beer

While the wine allowance is limited to two bottles per stateroom, Royal Caribbean’s policy for beer is more relaxed. Guests are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of non-alcoholic beverages onboard, which includes beer.

However, it’s important to note that any alcoholic beverages brought onboard will be subject to a corkage fee if consumed in public areas.

Storing Wine Brought From Home

If you decide to bring your own wine onboard, you may be wondering about storage options. Royal Caribbean provides storage facilities for guests who bring their own wine. These facilities ensure that your wine is stored in the ideal temperature and conditions, so you can enjoy it at its best.

It’s important to note that wine brought from home must comply with Royal Caribbean’s alcohol policy. For example, the wine must not exceed the allowed limit and should be for personal consumption only.

The crew members will assist you in storing your wine properly, ensuring that it remains safe and ready to enjoy throughout your cruise.

Beer & Wine Packages For Purchase

If you prefer not to bring your own wine or beer, Royal Caribbean offers convenient beer and wine packages for purchase. These packages allow you to enjoy a selection of your favorite beverages throughout your cruise at a discounted price.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy a cold beer by the pool, these packages provide a hassle-free way to indulge in your preferred drinks.

For more information on Royal Caribbean’s wine and beer packages, you can visit their official website at Here, you’ll find detailed information about the available packages, pricing, and how to add them to your reservation.

Rules For Transporting Spirits & Liquor

When it comes to bringing your own spirits and liquor onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are some important rules you need to be aware of. These rules are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all passengers.

By following these guidelines, you can have a hassle-free experience on your cruise.

Prohibited Items

First and foremost, it’s important to know which items are prohibited from being brought onboard. Royal Caribbean has strict policies in place regarding certain liquids, including spirits and liquor. These items are not allowed to be brought onboard and will be confiscated if found during the security screening process.

It’s always a good idea to review the official Royal Caribbean website for a complete list of prohibited items before packing for your cruise.

Consequences of Bringing Banned Liquids

If you attempt to bring prohibited liquids, such as spirits or liquor, onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, there can be consequences. In addition to having the items confiscated, you may also face further disciplinary actions. This can include being denied boarding or even being removed from the ship.

It’s important to respect the rules and regulations set forth by the cruise line to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation for everyone.

Where To Enjoy Cocktails Onboard

While bringing your own spirits or liquor may not be allowed, there are plenty of options for enjoying cocktails onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. The cruise line offers a wide variety of bars and lounges where you can indulge in your favorite drinks.

Whether you prefer a classic martini, a tropical fruity concoction, or a refreshing beer, there is a bar or lounge onboard to suit your taste. So sit back, relax, and let the talented bartenders create the perfect drink for you.

Beverage Packages With Spirits

If you’re looking to enjoy spirits and liquor throughout your cruise, Royal Caribbean offers beverage packages that include these options. These packages provide unlimited access to a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including spirits, cocktails, wine, and beer.

By purchasing one of these packages, you can enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about the cost adding up. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to indulge in your favorite spirits while onboard.

Other Helpful Policies To Know

Disembarkation Rules

When it comes to disembarkation, Royal Caribbean has a few rules in place to ensure a smooth and organized process for all passengers. One important policy to be aware of is the requirement to clear all outstanding balances before leaving the ship.

This means that any onboard expenses, such as spa treatments or specialty dining, must be settled before disembarking. It’s a good idea to keep track of your expenses throughout your cruise to avoid any surprises at the end.

Additionally, Royal Caribbean has specific disembarkation times for each deck or group of cabins. This helps to prevent overcrowding and allows for a more efficient process. Be sure to check the daily cruise planner or consult with guest services to find out your designated disembarkation time.

Remember, the ship cannot clear customs until all passengers have disembarked, so it’s important to adhere to the assigned schedule.

Special Allowances For Suites

If you’re staying in a suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can enjoy some special allowances that are not available to other guests. One of the most notable benefits is priority boarding. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to board the ship earlier than other passengers, allowing you to settle in and start enjoying your vacation sooner.

Suites also come with exclusive access to certain areas of the ship, such as private lounges and restaurants. These areas provide a more intimate and luxurious experience, perfect for those looking to indulge during their cruise.

Additionally, suite guests often receive enhanced amenities and personalized services, such as a dedicated concierge and priority reservations for onboard activities.

Pier Runner Services

We’ve all seen those scenes in movies where someone is desperately running to catch their departing cruise ship. While it may seem like a nightmare scenario, Royal Caribbean has you covered with their Pier Runner Services. If you find yourself running late and the ship is about to leave, don’t panic!

Royal Caribbean offers this service to help passengers who are delayed in arriving at the port due to circumstances beyond their control. The ship’s crew will work with you to get you on board as quickly and safely as possible.

However, it’s important to note that this service is subject to availability and additional charges may apply.

It’s always best to arrive at the port well ahead of the scheduled departure time, but knowing that Royal Caribbean has this service available can bring peace of mind in case of unexpected delays.


We hope this outline gives you a detailed overview of what to expect from Royal Caribbean’s rules around transporting water, soda, alcohol and other potable liquids on your upcoming cruise.

By familiarizing yourself with these guidelines for allowances, prohibitions, and purchasing drinks onboard, you’ll be set up for smooth sailing and less stress on embarkation day.

Bon voyage! With the proper preparations, you can relax knowing your drink needs will be met on your Royal Caribbean cruise.

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